Mammosafe Launches During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

You may have heard of mobile mammography vans in the Houston area. This October, a groundbreaking option elevates the mobile mammography experience for patients. Diagnostic radiologist and breast specialist Dr. Daniel Roubein has launched Mammosafe—a unique mammography service on wheels. 

A Radiologist On Board

Nowhere else in the nation is there a mobile mammography unit with a radiologist on board. Dr. Roubein reads images in real time, which means patients are often able to receive a preliminary report before they leave the unit—known as Mobile Coach One. The term “mobile coach” more accurately describes the aesthetic and functionality Mammosafe, which is light years advanced when compared to the typical mammography “van.” 

Mammosafe is fully equipped with top-of-the-line, cutting edge full field digital mammography equipment—the same equipment used in the biggest and most prestigious breast centers and universities in the country. The information infrastructure is as high tech as it gets (truly a technological marvel), and Mammosafe is designed to be totally self-sufficient and capable of running as a completely independent unit. Best of all, it travels to patients at work sites, office complexes and businesses. 


The waiting room, dressing room and exam room are comfortable (some may say “luxurious”), and patients are escorted through the payment, insurance and registration process by dedicated female radiology assistants and through the mammography procedure itself by compassionate, certified female radiologic technologists. Dr. Roubein personally operates the onboard imaging center, in which he evaluates results and consults with patients. Patient privacy, safety and peace of mind are paramount, as is the cutting edge technology used by Mammosafe. Best of all, the mobile coach comes directly to patients, generally to their places of work.

Women over 40 should have a screening mammogram every year.  In Harris County, only 29% of women over 40 (regardless socio-economic status) have had a mammogram in the past two years, so the mission of Mammosafe is to involve employers and make access both convenient and practical. While women are busy raising families and pursuing careers, they often put themselves last and do not take the time to schedule a mammogram—which can involve missing many hours of work and spending half a day at the medical center or a clinic. The mobile Mammosafe coach saves time and makes it easier to tackle the once-a-year screening, which women need and deserve.

Life-Saving Services

“Patients will notice that the mobile coach is very much like a traditional free standing breast imaging center,” says Dr. Roubein, “with the difference being that we are ‘on wheels’ and come to you.” The goal is to increase the number of women who receive life-saving mammograms.

About Dr. Roubein

Many of our readers may already be familiar with Dr. Roubein, a beloved Houston area physician who has overseen the screenings of thousands of women, often saving lives through the detection of breast cancer. This October, we proudly feature him and his innovative mobile mammography coach in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month 

Dr. Roubein is an innovator, beginning his career as an academic radiologist and clinical instructor, then continuing as a staff radiologist at a 400+ bed hospital in Southeast Texas where he became chairman of the Department of Radiology. Dr. Roubein recently launched Mammosafe to help women manage their breast healthcare. He and his wife are raising three sons, and he is involved in the community serving on various boards and with charitable foundations.

Spread Awareness!

Be sure and spread the news. Share Mammosafe with your employer to see if they will coordinate a mobile mammography unit appearance for female workers. Visit for contact details. We thank Dr. Roubein for making mammography more accessible and convenient to our readers.


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