Damon Rexroad and FORE!

What’s a guy from Friendswood doing in Katy, Texas? That’s the question we asked actor Damon Rexroad. He’s been cast as one of the lead characters in the sitcom FORE!, a golf web comedy series that has been dubbed “Seinfeld on a golf course.” This Katy-based venture is quickly gaining national attention. Rexroad stars in each episode and brings laughs to the audience with foibles on and off the course. 

We have never before featured a minister who is also a professional actor, but Rexroad fits the bill. He started acting at the age of 12 in community theatre, but most of his young life was spent juggling acting gigs and sports. He’s a former Powerlifting State Champion, Jr. Olympics Gold Medalist and World Bench Press Champion, as well as a red shirt freshman full back at the University of Houston.    

He was also once a member of Team Xtreme, an international family ministry for schools, churches and community events in the US, Canada and South America. Rexroad enjoyed traveling the world and speaking to many thousands of people, including hundreds of churches and over 200 public and private schools. It was during one of these events that he met his future wife and fellow minister, Isabel. They connected in 2002 during a crusade in Panama. “Isabel was a youth leader and on air commentator for a Spanish Christian radio station,” he says. Their long distance courtship included a lot of emails, and he went back to meet her family. They were married in 2004.

The couple permanently relocated back to the states and first settled in Tulsa so Rexroad could finish Bible School, then moved to Houston. He started an oilfield business and later joined a friend in the same industry. He and Isabel have been blessed with two small sons, Nico and Caleb. 

The acting bug never diminished, and Rexroad has appeared in numerous award winning short films, TV commercials, web shorts, and even co-hosted the prestigious 2009 Houston Advertising Awards (ADDYS). Most recently he won honors for the short Film, “Chance 27”, which he both directed and co-wrote. He also co-hosted Breaking Right, the hit podcast turned weekly radio show that aired on the former CNN 650 in Houston. 

His work on Team Xtreme combined Nickelodeon-style entertainment and excitement of martial arts, and this background certainly prepared him for his comedic role on FORE! “I’ve had to turn down roles that clashed with my beliefs,” he says, but signed on to FORE!, a comedy for grown ups best described with the tag line: “Golf has never been this funny!” He’s been happily portraying a hapless and often frustrated golfer since the venture launched last year. Viewers may find themselves giggling over his “Son of a monkey!” outbursts on film, which are a shout out to his favorite actor, Chris Farley. 

He notes that if you like comedy, golf—or both (and appreciate a Seinfield kind of humor), you’ll like FORE! The cast includes national talent, including CBS and the Golf Channel’s Billy Ray Brown and former golf pro Tom Byrum. Doug Pike from Houston SportsTalk 790 also stars. You’ll also see Erin Reed, Cory Hart, Werner Richmond, Brian Treybig and Evan King spinning their comedic antics in each episode. The web comedy golf sitcom chronicles the adventures and social blunders of a group of golfers, all members of the affordable Fork Willow Country Club, and all social outcasts to everyone at the club but themselves. The characters are the polar opposite of country club snobs with antics that are anything but politically and socially correct.

FORE’s creator and Executive Producer Scott Pitney is an avid golfer, Katyite and member of the private club on which the show is based. This provides a colorful and accurate backdrop for each of episode. Fans can check out the hijinks and enjoy the commercial aired on Fox News and The Weather Channel. Visit www.facebook.com/watchfore and check out www.watchfore.com as Rexroad and the cast perform on the golf course!


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