Politics and Religion: State of the Nation – A True Summary

By the time you read this, President Obama will have given his version of the “State of the Union.” Here is a more accurate assessment:

Since the election, President Obama has “come out of the closet” as the radical, liberal socialist many of us knew he was. Not constrained by facing the voters again, and emboldened by the completely shameless “pass” he got from the press who were sold out to him and his re-election, he seems all the more inspired to implement his radical socialist/abortionist/environmentalist-wacko/anti-Israel/pro-Muslim/anti-God/anti-constitution agenda.

A few (of many) examples are:

• Obamacare and it’s unconstitutional and grossly immoral requirements that Christians violate their conscious and submit their businesses to provide for all kinds of contraception – from condoms, to morning-after pills, to abortion. An absolute assault on the freedom of religion.

• More abortion on demand at more and more taxpayer expense.

• Homosexual marriage.

• Ignoring his gun-running Department of Justice while whining about the need to disarm law-abiding citizens. Another attempted attack on the right to bear arms, which the Second Amendment specifically states, “… shall not be infringed.”

• An economy is on the “brink” that continues to “shrink.”

• Trillions in debt – and his answer is to borrow and spend more money.

• Foreign policy failure and/or designed chaos worldwide, with the Middle East in turmoil with a perfect storm coming on the horizon, and the “Muslim Brotherhood” showing their true colors, especially in Egypt.

• More defacto “open borders” sentiment that violates any sense of national security responsibility (violent drug running and potential Middle Eastern smugglers with dirty bombs) even more than the issue of lawless immigration.

• His increasingly “cold shoulder” to Israel.

• “Social” Jihad, including “CScope” here in Texas, though not in Katy – at least not yet, thank God! (see www.txcscopereview.com/)

• Sharia law marching forward throughout America.

On so many dangerous levels, in so many seemingly creative ways, the man is displaying his contempt for our constitution, integrity, character, and common sense as a nation and culture. Our constitution is increasingly viewed by some as out-of-date with more calls to scrap or re-write it. God and Jesus have become objects of mocking humor. Serious Christians are ridiculed as backward. Insane!

As Obama acts as Pied Piper, leading the march of America into more and more destruction – morally, spiritually, and economically (they are all tied together) – we as Christians do not have to participate. Not that we won’t be impacted in some ways in this process, but we can remain faithful to the Lord, and trust Him for our salvation and deliverance on every level. Returning to the Lord and His ways should be a rallying call and way of life for all who believe.

Daniel 7:25 speaks to the end times, and prophesies that the enemy will change “times and laws” (which we see in the aforementioned degradation of our laws and standards), but also speaks to how he will “wear out” the saints. One way he is doing it involves depleted foodsm causing slow-process malnutrition, generation to generation.  Most don’t know it, so I want to bring some light to the issue for your own preservation and health. I wrote a column a while back dealing with glyconutrients and the Biblical prophecy that in the last days, the nations would be deceived by “pharmakeia.” This encompasses our food production and “nutrition science” as well. We are becoming fat and diseased as a nation, because we, even as Christians, eat what the world eats. We disregard the order of God and His creation. 200 years ago average sugar consumption was a few pounds per year. Now, it runs something like 128 pounds per year!

Our soils are depleted and we “green-harvest” everything (including organic). The genius of God and His creation regarding food and its healing and nutritional value are disregarded if not despised by Christians who shudder at the thought of eating like most societies have for hundreds, even thousands of years. Example: raw milk. The government has deceived you (sound familiar) with the idea that raw milk is dangerous and unnatural. Never mind that pasteurization kills the friendly “probiotic” bacteria, natural enzymes, and de-natures the proteins. Grass-fed beef has more Omega 3 fatty acids/oils than salmon! Grain-fed beef in grocery stores is high in Omega 6 (the type of oils Americans ingest in vast, unhealthy excess).

But it’s much worse than that! A whole new perspective on the strategy of the “spirit of anti-Christ” is how our foods are being systematically perverted and even destroyed. Monsanto is a company who I’m sure employs many fine people working, but they are deceived (at best). This company is all about genetically-modified foods. 85% of all corn grown in America is genetically modified. I believe this is one of many “cancer bombs” going off in a frightening way.

Corn syrup is seemingly in almost every product in the grocery store. It is considered by many to be an “anti-nutrient.” Most of it comes from genetically engineered corn, and has within it unsafe mercury levels and Bt toxin. The Bt toxin is found in 93% of pregnant women, and in 80% of the umbilical cords of tested babies.

The scripture says the enemy will tire-out the saints in the last days. I always thought this was just activity and hard work trying to fight off his assaults, but if he can rob the saints (and everyone else) of strength, endurance, energy, and clear, reasoning minds by destroying their foods, on a global scale, little by little, why wouldn’t he? If you look, you can see the manifestation of it everywhere. The “opening” for Pharmakia is much more necessary with the degradation of our nutrition. It’s a 1 – 2 punch!

I encourage you to begin to do your own research. There is a lot out there on the web if you just take the time to look. For starters, check out the Weston A. Price Foundation. Check out raw milk and sources for it. Check out fermented cod liver oil, coconut oil, and the need for healthy fats for your body. Look for processes to re-mineralize teeth, and check out bone broth. And research genetically modified foods and the legal battles going on under the radar screen, as well as the health risks. You will be amazed at what you will find.

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