A President Straight Out of Katy? Let’s Hope!

Who among us ever dreamed of running for the office of President of the United States, let alone navigating the steps to do so? When one particular Katyite felt called, he did just that. On September 12, 2011, Keith Drummond filed with the Federal Election Commission and officially announced his candidacy. Mitt Romney received the Republican nomination, but you can see Drummond’s vision for America at his campaign website, www.drummond2012.com.

Drummond is the president of Iron Sky, a company based in Katy that provides crime-fighting technology solutions to local law enforcement across the country. “We founded the company in 2008 because we saw the specific needs of law enforcement were not being addressed in the market place,” says Drummond.  “Police needed better tools to fight crime, so Iron Sky was formed to provide just that through technology.” You can learn more at www.ironsky.com or contact Drummond at kdrummond@ironsky.com.

As this husband, father and businessman shares his journey into politics with our readers, one thing is obvious: His wife, Kristen, supports him all the way. Together they are raising three children. Josephine is a seven-year-old first grader at Exley Elementary. Luke is five and in preschool at Second Baptist. Jacqueline is 16 months.

With this in mind we began our interview asking the Drummonds about their Christian walk.

Katy Christian Magazine: How does faith play a role in your decisions?

Keith Drummond: I gave my life to Christ at age seven. I was raised in church by wonderful Christian parents who taught me to love the Lord. When I was leaving the Army in 1997 I realized that while I was saved, my relationship with Christ was not as strong as it should be. So I rededicated my life to Him. When Kristen and I got married in 2004 and starting having children in 2005, I began to better understand the love God has for us as His children. Everyday it seems I see another way God uses me, my spouse and my kids to teach each other about Him and to grow our relationship with Him. We have been members at Second Baptist West Campus in Katy since 2006.

Kristen Drummond: As a Christian, I believe my husband’s strong faith is a large part of why he is one of the few equipped for the job. I encouraged him to do what he felt led to do, no matter what or how “out there” it sounded. I’m proud of him for being one of the few who is willing to take action, pay attention, walk the walk, put himself and his reputation on the line, roll up his sleeves and do the work of turning this country around. There is nothing convenient about the work of making real change and I was impressed that my husband was willing to be inconvenienced to do what he knows is right.

KCM: Why the presidency?

Keith Drummond: I ran for president for one main reason — obedience. Without a doubt, I know the Lord led me to run. I cannot tell you His reasons; I just know it was something I was led to do. My wife helped me remember that we are not always going to know the reasons God does things. Regardless of the outcome, our job is to obey. I had supporters who constantly reminded me of that same fact along the way.

Kristen Drummond: This country’s problems will not be solved by big speeches that sound more like sermons. It will take work and a man of strong, unwaivering character to get the job done. I believe my husband is exactly that and I’ve been completely supportive of his efforts from day one.

KCM: What issues do you feel are crucial to our nation?

Keith Drummond: I believe the breakdown of the family is the biggest problem facing our country, and I do not hear political leadership even discussing it, much less acting on it. I did not fully understand this when I first started my campaign. I spent my time discussing our debt, jobs, the economy and national security.  Those certainly are issues we must deal with, but the family is the fabric of our society. As a direct result of the breakdown of families, our society is sick. We can work on all the other issues, but if the fabric is falling apart and we do not address it, our work will not correct our decline. America desperately needs people to stand up and boldly and unashamedly say what needs to be said: that our country needs God back in its institutions. This return to God as a nation will start one person at a time, one family at a time, with each of us taking responsibility for allowing America to fall so far, and vowing to never let it happen again.

Kristen Drummond: I’m frustrated with the lack of leadership and, honesty, in politics in general. The status quo is more worried about partisanship than finding real solutions for ALL American citizens. Power and greed dominate. Inciting class warfare, sadly, seems to be the mode du jour. Even the voting process itself has become a game between parties. For instance, we are taxing the middle and higher income Americans more while continuing to expand the amount and size of Welfare. Healthcare is now more about taxation than actually caring for Americans in need of healthcare. And to make matters worse, everyday people who are serious about bettering the current state of affairs will find the process of becoming an elected official is another convoluted process, lacking transparency, which requires playing a game in a good ole’ boy network that has no interest in letting in this new-fangled breed of frustrated “let’s do something about it” citizen.

KCM: What about winning?

Keith Drummond: I intended to run in all states and got on the ballot in New Hampshire and Missouri, receiving a number a votes that only slightly trailed the top Republican contender. Did I expect to win? Not necessarily, but I believed, and still believe, I can do the job. We’ll see as time goes on what the future holds.

Kristen Drummond: A lot of people talk. There’s no shortage of talking heads on TV or anonymous complainers and pot-stirrers online. My husband had the guts to take a shot, no matter what the odds or how anything turns out.

KCM: What can ordinary citizens do going forward?

Keith Drummond: Be obedient if and when you are called into service. Register to vote, then vote your conscience. Know who represents you and understand their positions. Read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. It takes some effort to be an educated voter, but it is a responsibility and opportunity others around the world can only dream of. Voter apathy can lose elections. Voter turn out can win elections. Everyone has a voice at the polling booth.

Kristen Drummond: I’d prefer that we, as a population of American citizens, do a better job of paying attention to what our elected officials DO in office and holding them accountable. I believe in the constitution and would prefer we defaulted to the constitution when deciding what and how much power the federal government has — and that we dramatically reduced the activities of the federal government to match the intention of the constitution.

It was an honor to interview the Drummonds and we thank them for their service. Their testimony is timely In this robust election cycle where so much hangs in the balance. It’s important to make sense of the often confusing political process, and a good place to start is at Who Represents me? This website allows voters to key in their zip code to easily access their Texas U.S. Senator, Texas State Senator, Texas State Representative, and their Texas State Board of Education Member. Contact information for all elected officials is shown: www.fyi.legis.state.tx.us.

You can also read the Constitution in its entirety at: www.usconstitution.net/const.html. You can study the Declaration of Independence at: www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/declaration_transcript.html.

Katy Christian Magazine also refers readers back to their February 2012 Voter’s Guide issue. In it we shared the following voter education resources:

• The Christian Voter guide | www.christianvoterguide.com

• Liberty Institute | www.libertyinstitute.org

• Empower Texans | www.empowertexans.com

• Texas Eagle Forum | www.texaseagle.org

• Heritage Alliance | www.heritagealliance.com

• American Family Association | www.afa.net

• Texas Secretary of State | sos.state.tx.us

We prayerfully ask our readers to consider the current state of our nation and make their voices heard.

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