Boyd Bumbera: A Rising Star in the Bumbera Dynasty

boyd-bumberaGrowing up Bumbera has shaped the life of 8th grader Boyd. After all, few young men have cut their baby teeth on an air chuck or followed in the footsteps of renowned NASCAR sisters. But through the years Boyd has been immersed in the racing culture and now, at the age of 14, is officially old enough to take the wheel. It’s his break out season.

Boyd Bumbera is the younger brother of Kristin and Kendall, both famous for their exploits on the race track and as hosts of a morning show on Fox News. And he’s part of a dynasty — one that started with parents Kenny and Cheri Bumbera, both NASCAR drivers. The entire family has character, deep faith and standards. Boyd, who attends Faith West, has inherited the same qualities. He’s also inherited the family talent and is the newest rising star in NASCAR.

There isn’t one definite word to describe Boyd, but “personality” comes to mind. He’s fun, friendly, confident . . . and the camera loves him. This is fortunate, particularly because the family will soon be featured in their own reality show after being approached by five different production companies. Along with their sports agent, Holly Chervnsik of Stinger Sports, the Bumberas identified one producer who understood the family dynamics and values, and so they signed on. Although the focus is on his sisters, Boyd will undoubtedly get his fair share of the limelight. “Both my sisters have given me someone to look up to, so I know what to do now that my time has come,” says Boyd, who doesn’t like scripts. He’ll add a component to the show that few others could: a behind-the-scenes look at his new, budding career complete with powerful engines and the thrill of the racetrack as seen through the eyes of an up-and-comer.

He’s the proud uncle to Bentley Jester, sister Kristin’s baby, who is also teething on air chucks. “I look forward to teaching him everything I know — he’s the youngest member of our racing family and will also appear on the show,” says Boyd. Bentley, like Boyd, is growing up around wheels, motors and speed. “When I was 7 my dad bought me a Bandolera motorcycle with a cage around it. His friend sponsored me, and even though we weren’t familiar with the engine, we learned by taking it apart.”

He remembers shadowing his dad, mimicking his every move. Mom Cheri recounts, “I have pictures of both of them, Kenny’s legs sticking out from underneath a car and Boyd’s little feet appearing right beside him.”

Life in his parent’s shop has taught him responsibility, and he’s worked at the front counter, installed vinyl graphics, rebuilt carburetors, developed fabrication skills, air brushed, disassembled auto bodies and riveted — because after he wrecks a race car, he has to replace the parts. Now he’s ready for the move to a new class — the Allison Legacy. “It’s a Ford Taurus 4 cylinder, 108 HP 5 speed with a quick change rear end, and 3/4 size,” says Boyd, excited about this base white #17 with red and black graphics, perfect for the oval course. But he’ll have to keep up with it — “We get in trouble if we don’t clean our cars after a race, scraping the rubber residue off the undercarriage. My dad isn’t one to go out and buy what we can fix ourselves, so we were taught to take care of our race cars.”

He races at Texas World Speedway at College Station, Thunderhill in Kyle, as well as the MSR road course in Alvin and the NASCAR track on the East Coast. He’s done well in every class. It’s expensive, and sponsorships are important. But betting on a Bumbera is always a smart move, and Boyd’s skill set is superior, perhaps because of the racing DNA, but also because he’s committed. “I’m working out two to three times a week to build strength and endurance,” says Boyd, who has just experienced a major growth spurt. He’s honing his neck, shoulder and leg muscles to prepare for next year. At 15 he’ll move to yet another class and tackle a full-sized race car. He’s having the time of his life and embracing the new challenges.

As acclaim awaits him, we wish Boyd every success and God’s speed behind the wheel. To learn more about the legendary Bumbera family visit






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