Restoring Honor and Dignity

Restoring Honor and Dignity to Women and Children of Rape Conception

It’s a topic very few discuss, either from lack or awareness or general discomfort. But for women and children who were conceived in rape, their situation is very real. They live with the knowledge that their conception was a violent act. How does one process that? Further, if assaulted and faced with pregnancy, to whom does one turn?

That question is best answered by singer/songwriter and author Juda Myers who, herself, was conceived in rape. First, she formed a private Yahoo support group for birth/adoptive mothers and children of rape conception. The outpouring spurred her to form CHOICES4LIFE out of a need that had not yet been addressed (or fully embraced) by the faith community.  In other words, Myers brought the subject out of darkness and into the light.

“We are on the record of valuing life, no exceptions,” says Myers. “Even pro-life advocates often make exceptions in cases of rape or incest. But I ask them to consider the value that their fellow human beings bring to the world – people such as myself who are here only because our mothers refused to abort, even under extraordinary pressure.” Myers was adopted, and after meeting her birth mother in 2005 learned of the ordeal that led to her adoption. Eight men had raped her mother and her grandmother pushed for an abortion. It was matter of conscience. Against the odds Myers was brought into the world to pursue her special mission. Her eyes had been opened to the death wish placed upon children such as herself. Only through her security in God did she come to terms with the plight of her mother, herself and others in similar circumstances.

This is not an unusual situation, although it is generally a silent subject and seemingly shameful fate . . . until now. Meyers is determined to support  the decision to carry to term and seeks to educate family and friends who otherwise might  pressure or abandon mothers who are faced with such a situation. She feels it is time to halt the almost “standard” compulsion to terminate pregnancies in such cases. She feels women who choose life should be celebrated. “Certainly, women pregnant from rape have not had the respect and compassion they’ve needed,” says Myers, who has devoted her life to doing something about it.  Since 2003 she’s shared her testimony around the country and even in South Africa. Hearts and minds were changed even at Harvard and the United Nations with women of rape conception whispering their secret at each event.

In a first of its kind celebration, CHOICES4LIFE is hosting the Honor For Life Awards Gala in the Humble Civic Center in Humble, Texas on November 20. This unprecedented event will be held to restore honor and dignity to women and children of rape conception. “Honoring women who fought against society to save their rape conceived babies is paramount. True heroes have no regrets of giving birth to their babies. The rape is regrettable but the babies are not,” says Myers.

Visit to see real life photos of victorious women and children who have reclaimed their dignity after making (or benefiting from) a life-altering and life-affirming decision. Life advocates are invited to purchase tickets for the Honor For Life Awards Gala on November 20th. The Gala will be filled with people who have survived what few can only imagine, yet embrace their lives and circumstances with courage and pride. A delicious dinner will be served, testimonies shared, and heroes of the life movement featured.

There is help and guidance for women and children involved in rape conception. Visit for support and encouragement. Myers also has a helpful website at Also check out these helpful sites: Houston Coalition For Life, Human Life Alliance, Life Advocates of Houston, Personhood USA, Pro Life Action League, Pro Life Unity.

Myers would like Christians to reflect and consider supporting the value of human life regardless of the circumstances surrounding a conception.

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