Politics and Religion: Election Season Considerations

We’re just about a year away from the 2012 elections. It’s become a cliché the last few elections, but no one would argue that this will be the most critical election of the modern age, if not the entire history of our nation. America has lost its footing spiritually, morally and economically. Soon, the military could be next once gays are allowed to serve, and chaplains are forced to perform same-sex marriages. And now there is even the coming pressure to allow trans-genders to enlist. This whole thing has been a politically-correct sham, and the military has essentially been sold out by top military leaders who are political hacks instead of men of faith, integrity, and military readiness. It’s embarrassing. George Washington is spinning in his grave.

Tack on the ramifications of the “Hate Crimes” law, the clearly unconstitutional “Obamacare” disaster that is already driving insurance premiums through the roof,  ineffective “stimulus” spending driving our debt upward by trillions (the latest fiasco being the $535 million wasted on Solyndra), increasing border insecurity, throwing Israel under the bus of the 1967 borders, and the continuous attempts by Muslim extremists like the Muslim Brotherhood to carve out “acceptance” of Sharia Law, the shameful “Cordoba” victory-monument Mosque in New York City celebrating 9-11, the rest of the fraudulently “friendly” side of the same infiltration coin that comes with terrorist attacks like Ft. Hood, and the state of the economy (exacerbated if not designed by those who hate America, like extreme-leftists such as George Soros and his ilk), all together spells trouble for the  U.S. Then there is always the counter-intuitive dynamic of those who would kill babies in their mother’s wombs while saving seals.

That doesn’t begin to identify all our problems, but it catches a few of the major concerns – just to remind you that if you’re a patriot, much less a genuine Christian, we can’t have this mess continue for another four years. We might not survive it (and that’s no exaggeration) except by the grace of God.

Prayerfully, Obama will be out. There are even stories starting to circulate that he might not run, preserving an opportunity to run again later, though I doubt that. Someone may run against him from within his own party, and that would be a great thing, because those who face competition for the nomination from within their party seldom win. He is suffering from record-low approval numbers – deservedly so. The disastrous economy is of his own making. Socialism is wrong; it is, in fact, evil. It is sin according to the Bible  and has never worked in the history of mankind, yet liberalism (a spiritual stronghold and a mental deficiency) still fails to grasp reality. After all, we’re doing everything the Roman Empire did to essentially commit suicide (check your history). If we stubbornly continue on this path, what makes anyone think we’ll have a different outcome?

Obama has poked his finger in the eye of God by declaring that the U. S. is not a Christian nation (granted, it’s not acting much like one, but was certainly designed to be one), and that Israel must shrink back to its 1967 borders. That’s basically an indefensible position for Israel geopolitically, and is anti-Biblical at its core. Even though Israel itself is “for” a Palestinian State,” how can that happen when the Palestinians still violently deny Israel’s right to exist? To negotiate with an enemy that continually vows to destroy you is not a negotiation. It’s at best a postponement of the inevitable – war – and it will come sooner than later if the UN dictates that a hostile Palestinian state be recognized. I think most people who pay any attention know what a mess we’re in, and that we have to try to get out of it. So, let’s look at some potential alternatives for President.

Since this is Texas, let’s start with a brief look at Governor Perry. I have long been unimpressed with Perry. I don’t think he’s nearly as conservative as he wants everyone to think, though he has become more so lately. His “teenage female vaccination edict” was not only an incredible blunder, but causes one to ponder how he reaches decisions. That fiasco should have never smelled the hallway air, much less sen the light of day. Hopefully, he’s learned. His border record is “soggy” at best. But our state’s economy is the best in the nation. I have been in some group meetings with him over the last couple of years, and I believe with reasonable assurance that he has grown significantly as a Christian; the prayer event at Reliant was not for show. Therefore, perhaps there is hope that genuine wisdom is gifted from above. To be sure, on Perry’s worst possible day he’s still light years ahead of Obama. If he is the nominee, my vote for him is a no-brainer.

The truth is that my favorite is Michele Bachmann. I’ve met with her personally several times over the last two-plus years, and I can tell you she is the real deal. She is a strong Christian, spiritually mature and sure, right on all the moral issues like abortion, is socially and fiscally conservative; she is a “Tea-Party” favorite for all the right reasons, and has no illusions about “God” NOT being the same as “Allah.”

Nor is she confused about the aggressive deception by Obama’s friends in the Muslim Brotherhood and their “public relations fraud” of promoting Sharia Law and their infiltration of the government and even conservative political organizations. Note: You may hear a lot about “conservative” Grover Norquist and his Americans for Tax Reform organization, but he is also a shill “covering” for a lot of Muslims to get them into very influential positions. He is the co-founder of the Islam Free Market Institute, and is married to a Muslim. Norquist is another example, in my opinion, of someone interested in only money and influence without any real moral foundation.

The “Muslim” issue brings up another troubling candidate from right here in southeast Texas. I’ve spoken briefly on several occasions with Congressman Ron Paul during the 2008 campaign, and I’m less impressed now than I was then, to put it “courteously.” His mind seems completely disengaged from even the possibility of the threat of radical Islam, which in my mind disqualifies him above all others from the Presidency. He blames America for 9-11, is against the Iraq and Afghan wars, introduced legislation earlier this year to withdraw foreign aid from Israel, and now with the recent killing of top al-Qaeda leader Anwar al-Aulaqi, he criticizes it as an “assassination.”

What do you make of a person with those kinds of clueless and naïve, yet extremely dangerous, ideas? I wish he would be as tough on radical Islam as he seeks to be on the Federal Reserve. But apparently in his universe, financial miss-management is a far greater evil than mass murder and terrorism aimed primarily at Jews, Christians, and western society as a whole! Does he think their avowed worldwide “Islamic Caliphate’ is just humorous fodder for Leno? Or that Ahmadinejad is just pulling our leg when swearing repeatedly that Israel will be destroyed? Unconscionable and obviously unacceptable!

When it comes to Mitt Romney, it’s a question of Obamacare vs. Romneycare. You say tomato, others say tomAHto. Six of one, half dozen of the other. Socialism and state-controlled health care by any other name is still, wrong, bad, horrible and incredibly dangerous.

Here’s a look at the rest of the pack at this point:

Jon Huntsman is basically a Democrat in Republican clothing, going nowhere. Newt Gingrich is a brilliant man, but is somewhat flawed and too condescending lately. In my opinion, he could have won the nomination and the Presidency if he had run four years ago, but it appears he missed his window of opportunity and is behind the times, has had horrendous issues within his campaign, and his views on man-made global warming are very suspect to put it mildly. But, he is very smart and could be a player.

As of this writing, Sarah Palin is still undecided. Her indecision is not doing anything to undo the damage done to her credibility when she resigned as Governor half way through her first term. I like her a lot, but she’s probably better suited to being a cultural commentator with the freedom to speak on any and every issue – including the moral ones. She, Gingrich, and Rick Santorum are at this point in time are all better positioned to hold other’s feet to the fire!

Speaking of former Senator Rick Santorum, he is a great guy and completely capable of being President. However, I don’t see much possibility of that happening. He might be a not-so-likely VP running mate, possibly more likely a cabinet or ambassadorial appointee, or a Fox pundit. Senator Marco Rubio, first, and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, second, are the most likely VP candidates at this point in my opinion.

Herman Cain has a lot of potential and may continue to move up in the running. He is a smart businessman with problem-solving strengths. Not being an experienced politician could hurt him over the long haul in terms of communicating problems and solutions. Two African Americans running against each other with such clear differences in values and solutions could be awesome!

Of course, it’s very early in the process and anything could change . . . and more than likely will.

The bottom line is that America as a nation needs to find her way back to Jesus. The best of born-again, Spirit-filled politicians cannot do alone what needs to be done, even if there were many more of them in Congress. While you can say “God” anytime, (ultimately meaning anything of one’s own imagination), the name “Jesus” is controversial to say the least, and is getting more so daily. We need as a people to start standing up for the truth, and stop stewing in our cowardice. We can save this nation for our children if we will just grow a backbone and take a stand, in love, for the truth that saves in this life and the next.

If you won’t fight for what you believe, you’ll lose it for your children and grandchildren. What kind of legacy will you leave for your loved ones? Will you stand and vote the truth-principles of the Bible, or sell out for what you mistakenly believe is free to feed your greed and idolatry? Know this! Jesus cares, and will lead you in voting for those who, though being imperfect, still have a heart to obey him personally and in national policy. Sin is always a reproach to any people and any nation. Take a stand for righteousness as best you can in every opportunity you have – including the voting booth during both the primary in the spring and the general election in November, 2012!

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