Politics and Religion: Election Truth for 2010

Election 2010 is finally here. It is my urgent hope that America doesn’t blow it like we did in 2008. We are losing our freedoms and our Christian identity, and our opportunities to turn the tide are seemingly diminishing at an increasing pace.

I cannot overstate the importance of the essential role of obedient Christian Americans in this election (and in 2012). The Lord is calling the genuine, committed, believing, disciples of Jesus – who take their ambassadorial commission to be salt and light in every sphere of society very seriously – to stand tall and vote for righteousness’ sake. Is that you? Where do you stand? Do you really believe what you say you believe in; the truths of the Bible? Will you testify to your beliefs in the voting booth, or compromise your integrity before the Lord, the Church, and the nation?

I could fill volumes of this magazine with overt scriptural truths that clearly define Biblical, Kingdom policies – and the lack thereof in our current culture and political age. The truth and its various applications are easy to learn, discern, and practice, if you’re interested.

Let’s look at some truth for this election. First, God is not the author of confusion. He is not double-minded about His purpose for civil government. Yet Christians are seemingly confused. They too often hold to their own political, familial, or racial pride as it concerns modern politics. In round numbers, half of Christians don’t vote, and over half of those who do, vote in opposition to Biblical truth. Don’t be either one.

For those of you who don’t vote, may the Lord rebuke you! Don’t let it happen again! Your vote is a privilege and a responsibility before God. It is a stewardship issue from both a Biblical and citizenship perspective. Many “pull a Pilate” and wash their hands of their responsibility to be “salt and light” in the governmental realm. They do so because they either don’t care, can’t decide, or in their own self-righteousness, they deem all candidates as unworthy of their vote.

Two years ago, Dr. James Dobson and Lou Engle both made big public pronouncements of their unwillingness to vote for the pro-life John McCain because he had voted for embryonic stem cell research. I agree that embryonic stem cell research is evil and ineffective. (No cures or treatments have ever been found this way – and none will be because God created human beings in His image, and will not permit “healing” to come out of the destruction of the innocent. Murder may kill, but it cannot resurrect). Many Christians followed suit in not voting, and now we see the overwhelming destruction perpetrated on our nation under the lying guise of (false) “hope.”

We now have the most pro-abortion President (and party) in our history; so anti-life that he proactively proposed multiple times in the Illinois state Senate to allow babies who survived an abortion to be left alone to die, instead of being rescued with life-saving medical treatment. Many now suggest abortions be an option up to two years old! How completely sick and demented is that?!! As President, Obama proudly proclaims and works for the elimination of all restrictions on abortion – while claiming to be a Christian! What a chasm there turned out to be between Obama and John McCain.

The point is that Biblical stewardship says you make the best, most Godly choice you can with the choices you’ve got to work with. You don’t “no-show.” By definition there will never be a “perfect candidate” unless Jesus decides to run for office. But it is no excuse in the Lord’s sight to withdraw from the cultural, governmental conflict which is ultimately just another battle front between the Kingdom of Heaven and the kingdom of darkness. Get the revelation: all politics is spiritual warfare! Are you showing up? Are you being salt and light? If not, which side are you actually on? What seed are you sowing (from which you and your children will surely reap)?

There is the reality of the current anti-Christ political agenda that only those who are mesmerized by a “spirit of stupid” would deny exists. It is characterized generally by the desire to “cast off all restraint” and is comprised in part by the following specifics:

• Abortion (murder of the unborn, which is a demonically inspired assault on life itself; a manifest, grievous, betrayal of God and the most basic, elementary, and obvious violation of God’s command to “choose life”)
• Perpetuation and legal protection of homosexuality (including the elementary school room indoctrination of children that homosexuality is not only normal, but to be celebrated)
• Taking God out of the public square (in insane opposition to the concrete reality that God and His ways are the only hope we have for our society, government and culture)
• Bankrupting the nation (the efforts to “implode” the “system” – economically and morally – are real and dangerous, and are increasingly having their desired effects)
• Making government “god” so as to replace God (striving to make the government the master of everything in every way; controlling everyone and everything, including health care rationing, excessive taxation, state-given “rights” vs. God-given rights, etc.)
• Stealing the minds and morals – the hearts – of our children so as to prepare them for hell (the indoctrination I speak of surpasses the homosexual agenda and includes everything from evolution to sex, drugs and rock-n-roll, to rebellion towards parents, the Bible, the Constitution, etc.)
• Globalism (the push toward global government, which includes efforts to disarm Americans, the intentional “failure” of our government to secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws, and the pending UN Treaty on the Rights of the Child – which will essentially undermine parental authority and criminalize parental discipline)

These are just the most obvious points of the liberal, socialistic, progressive, Marxist “grand utopian-fantasy agenda” found primarily in the Democratic Party. Make no mistake: the salvation of America is in Jesus and not in the Republican Party. But the destruction of America is absolutely in the liberal agenda, and that’s found primarily in the Democratic Party.

Don’t buy the lie of the liberal agenda; it is clearly anti-Biblical. Socialism is the manifestation of government sanctioned and enforced covetousness, a violation of the 10th Commandment, and it clearly contradicts the truth that God “gives you the power to gain wealth” (not the government!). Abortion is a clear violation of the 6th Commandment. Exodus 20:11 destroys evolution. The current “footsie” being played with Islamic nations at the expense of Israel is in direct opposition to the Lord’s promise to bless those who bless Israel, and curse those who curse Israel. And so on.

There are many more specific examples of Obama and the Democrats’ manifest perpetuation of this anti-American, anti-Christian agenda. From the fraud of man-made global warming, to the environmental wacko-ism used to justify the oil drilling moratorium in the gulf while subsidizing Brazil and Mexico drilling in the gulf! From our corrupt Justice Department dropping voting rights violation cases, and joining Mexico in a perverse lawsuit against Arizona, to the elimination of the Bush tax cuts so as to continue to lose jobs and damage the economy. It just never ends.

As for Texas, some Republicans claim they’re voting for Bill White for governor. Really? He is an Obama clone. Why would we want those destructive policies concentrated internally in our state government? As State Senator Dan Patrick recently pointed out, the governor of Texas has a huge responsibility in appointing personnel throughout state government. I’m not a huge fan of Perry, but his decisions on appointments would prove infinitely better than White’s. For lack of space, I cannot even get into the whole census/Congressional district re-apportionment process that is forthcoming, but it must stay in conservative hands! We cannot afford to lose Perry.

Is Christ divided? Is He confused? No, and His body shouldn’t be either! Vote the values of the Kingdom when and where possible! Vote the values of the Bible and the Constitution – they’re in incredible harmony! Vote conservative, not liberal! And as a default, when in doubt, vote Republican. Not that they’re perfect, they’re not! They’re barely acceptable. But wisdom in our day says apply some brakes to our government before the bus goes over the cliff. Republicans = brakes. Democrats = pedal to the metal – right over the cliff of government sanctioned economic and moral destruction.

Mark Williamson is the Founder and President of Foundation Restoration Ministries and Federal Intercessors, educational and intercessory ministries dedicated to the restoration of Biblical truth, righteousness and justice in the nation and culture, reaching even the highest offices of the Federal government. The views expressed in this column are his personal opinions and observations. Learn more and join the prayer cause at www.federalintercessors.net. You may contact him directly at mark.williamson@federalintercessors.net, or at 713-722-4301.

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