2010 Christian Voters’ Guide

Katy Christian Magazine has endorsed the following candidates in the Nov. 2 General Election. We believe that the following candidates, on the whole, are pro-family, pro-life, and pro-God. We encourage you to take this guide with you to the voting booth and share it with family, friends, and co-workers.

Regardless of your political affiliation, Katy Christian Magazine encourages you to participate in the
political process and pray for elected officials at the state, local, and national levels. The views and endorsements expressed are those of Katy Christian Magazine and do not necessarily reflect the views of our advertisers.

Katy Christian Magazine has endorsed the following candidates for the Nov. 2 General Election:

U.S. Representative District 7
John Culberson

U.S. Representative District 10
Michael McCaul

U.S. Representative District 22
Pete Olson

Rick Perry

Lt. Governor
David Dewhurst

Attorney General
Greg Abbott

Susan Combs

Land Commissioner
Jerry Patterson

Agriculture Commissioner
Todd Staples

Railroad Commissioner
David Porter

Justice Supreme Court Place 5
Paul Green

Justice Supreme Court Place 9
Eva Guzman

Court of Criminal Appeals Place 2
Lawrence ‘Larry’ Meyers

Court of Criminal Appeals Place 5
Cheryl Johnson

Court of Criminal Appeals Place 6
Michael E. Keasler

State Senator District 7
Dan Patrick

State Senator District 13
Michael Mauldin

State Senator District 17
Joan Huffman

State Representative District 132
Bill Callegari

State Representative District 133
Jim Murphy

State Representative District 138
Dwayne Bohac

State Representative District 149
Jack O’Connor

State Representative District 150
Debbie Riddle

Chief Justice 1st Court of Appeals
Sherry Radack

Justice 1st Court of Appeals, Place 4
Evelyn Keyes

Justice 1st Court of Appeals, Place 8
unexpired term
Michael C. Massengale

Justice 14th Court of Appeals, Place 2
Sharon McCally

Justice 14th Court of Appeals, Place 5
]unexpired term
Martha Hill Jamison

Justice 14th Court of Appeals, Place 9
Tracy Elizabeth Christopher

District Judge 55th District
Jeff Shadwick

District Judge 113th District
John Donovan

District Judge 157th District
Randy Wilson

District Judge 180th District
Marc Brown

District Judge 182nd District
Jeannine Barr

District Judge 183rd District
Vanessa Velasquez

District Judge 184th District
Jan Krocker

District Judge 185th District
Susan Brown

District Judge 189th District
Bill Burke

District Judge 190th District
Patricia J. Kerrigan

District Judge 208th District
Denise Collins

District Judge 209th District
Mike McSpadden

District Judge 228th District
Marc Carter

District Judge 230th District
Belinda Hill
District Judge 232nd District
Mary Lou Keel

District Judge 234th District
Reece Rondon

District Judge 245th District
Roy L. Moore

District Judge 246th District
Jim York

District Judge 247th District
Bonnie Crane Hellums

District Judge 248th District
Joan Campbell

District Judge 257th District
Judy Warne

District Judge 262nd District
Denise Bradley

District Judge 263rd District
Jim Wallace
District Judge 269th District
Dan Hinde

District Judge 270th District
Brent Gamble

District Judge 280th District
Lynn Bradshaw Hull

District Judge 281st District
Sylvia Matthews

District Judge 295th District
Caroline E. Baker

Family District Judge 308th District
James Lombardino

Family District Judge 309th District
Sheri Y. Dean

Family District Judge 310th District
Lisa Millard

Family District Judge 311th District
Denise Pratt
Family District Judge 312th District
David Farr

Family District Judge 313th District
Glenn Devlin

Family District Judge 314th District
John F. Phillips

Family District Judge 315th District
Michael ‘Mike’ Schneider

County Judge
Ed Emmett

County Civil Court at Law No. 1
R. Jack Cagle

County Civil Court at Law No. 2
Jacqueline Lucci Smith

County Civil Court at Law No. 3
Linda Storey

Civil Court at Law No. 4
Roberta Lloyd
County Criminal Court No. 1
Paula Goodhart

County Criminal Court No. 2
Bill Harmon

County Criminal Court No. 3
Natalie Fleming

County Criminal Court No. 4
John Clinton

County Criminal Court No. 5
Margaret Stewart Harris

County Criminal Court No. 6
Larry Standley

County Criminal Court No. 7
Pam Derbyshire

County Criminal Court No. 8
Jay Karahan

County Criminal Court No. 9
Analia Wilkerson
County Criminal Court No. 10
Sherman A. Ross

County Criminal Court No. 11
Diane Bull

County Criminal Court No. 12
Robin Brown

County Criminal Court No. 13
Don Smyth

County Criminal Court No. 14
Mike Fields

County Criminal Court No. 15
Jean Spradling Hughes

County Probate Court No. 1
Loyd Wright

County Probate Court No. 2
Mike Wood

County Probate Court No. 3
Rory Robert Olsen
County Probate Court No. 4
Christine Riddle Butts

District Clerk
Chris Daniel

County Clerk
Stan Stanart

County Tax Assessor-Collector
unexpired term
Don Sumners

County Treasurer
Orlando Sanchez

County School Trustee, Pos. 1, Pct. 2
Marvin Morris

County School Trustee, Pos. 2, Pct. 4
Angie Chesnut

Justice of the Peace Pct. 5, Place 2
Jeff Williams

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