Politics and Religion: Health Redistribution

The “redistribution of wealth” is an act of government sanctioned theft, and the so-called motives and benefits of such confiscatory redistribution have been proven a fraud as our debt deepens, our economy worsens, and unemployment is the highest in over a quarter-century. But President Obama and the liberals in Congress aren’t content to stop there. Despite both historical and recent proofs that Marxist socialism doesn’t work, they want to expand their backward “confiscate and redistribute” mentality to our personal health. President Obama sold the majority of us “change,” promising to “remake” America. I think “malignant mutation” is a more accurate description.

The fruits of a person’s labor should be their own. Taxes should be only the minimum required to defend the nation and build and maintain our infrastructure. Confiscatory taxes excised to redistribute wealth, alleviate the personal cost of sin and irresponsibility, and fund destructive social re-engineering are wrong and damaging enough (both the goal and taxation). Even so, it is to some degree, a cost extracted from outside of one’s personhood. But just as redistribution of wealth requires the confiscation of wealth from some to give to others, the redistribution of health will work the same way. But it will violate the essence and personhood of the individual in a profoundly perverse way; one our founding fathers would be sickened by.

Government has neither the right nor the responsibility to insert itself between a person and their health practitioner, for any reason, to any degree! Government has no right to take health decisions out of the hands of an individual regardless of what they seek as a solution (whether a traditional pharmaceutical approach, chiropractic, herbal, alternative, spiritual, or a combination of some or all). There are options for individuals and various practitioners when they’re allowed the freedom to make the decisions. But when government dictates the decision for all, based ultimately on the government’s own arbitrary interests, to whom will a person appeal? Many would not have time enough to outlast the bureaucratic process!

The obvious economic questions and potential bioethical betrayals of a personally disinterested third-party bureaucrat dictating one’s level and timing of health care are staggering. It is an authority the government simply does not have constitutionally, much less morally. Government cannot give what it doesn’t first take, and the consequence of the government exercising a compelling economic interest in a person’s life or death via granted or withheld health care is tyranny. It is evil!

Congress would do well to remember, whether they openly acknowledge it or not, that they will most certainly be held accountable before God for the stewardship of their office and this nation. Romans 13 clearly defines civil rulers as ministers of God, and their role is clearly defined: to reward good, and punish evil. This “government redistribution of health” bill is rife with evil: from the usurpation of our God-given freedoms, the real threat of government-funded killing of pre-born babies, the violation of health care worker’s conscientious objections to forced abortion provision, to the passive if not overt euthanasia that will be the result of bureaucratic delay, mistakes, mismanagement, and even cold-hearted cost/benefit calculations on the value of a person and their health needs—at an additional cost of trillions over the long-term adding to our already overwhelming national debt. This alone is a damnable act of economic child abuse inflicted on our children and the coming generations. And all of this in the name of “health care,” a perversely deceptive—even tragic—misnomer only a liberal could conceive of with a straight face.

Our government needs a remedial course in basic civics: freedom, the Constitution, and the role of government to protect both and destroy neither! The role of Congress is creating fair and equitable rules of play under the Constitution to maintain fairness, honesty and integrity; not to be players on the field. The NFL would collapse immediately if their referees had a vested economic interest in the outcome of the game!

Shame on this government if they betray us by ultimately enacting “health redistribution” contrary to the will of the people, the Constitution, and Scripture itself!  I say again stop it! Stop it now! Congress, get your hands off my freedoms; my faith, my family, my money, and my health! Government-run “health redistribution?” NO, NO, NO! A thousand times NO!!!

Mark Williamson is the Founder and President of Foundation Restoration Ministries and Federal Intercessors, educational and intercessory ministries dedicated to the restoration of Biblical truth, righteousness and justice in the nation, and the high offices of the Federal government. The views expressed in this column are his personal opinions and observations. Learn more and join the prayer cause at www.federalintercessors.net. You may contact him directly at mark.williamson@federalintercessors.net, or at 713-722-4301.

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