The Sacred Heart

A friend of mine once gave me a watch. It wasn’t just any ordinary watch. It was hand crafted. The watch was old school. No bells, no whistles, no battery. It’s the kind you have to wind every day. As I wore it, wound it and watched it (no pun intended), the watch reminded me to live life as it comes, embrace each moment, look for God in all that he is doing and give thanks for each breath, each heartbeat, each laugh, each opportunity to drink deeply of the sacrament of time!  The sacrament of time is the belief that every moment is filled with God’s presence and that He is at work in and through us.  Early morning runs, kitchen table talks, a pot of tea or a cup of java, pancakes with the kids or a quiet hug. Whether a conversation, a thought, a helping hand, a pain, or even a disappointment … God is there, but do we know it?  Are we aware of this profound truth or are we in such a hurry that we miss God.
On the macro level, Western culture is full of those who suffer from hurry sickness.  Those who seek to speed life up by cramming more and more in. On a micro level, Katy Texas, a beautiful, quiet suburban community filled with workaholics and over achieving moms and dads seeking to give their children every advantage have created an unsustainable pace of life.  What are left at the end of the day are often exhausted, numb bodies unable to reflect on the meaning or value of what has just transpired … another day!
St. Ignatius Loyola developed a way of looking back over our day to see and learn from those moments we might have otherwise missed, he called it the Examen.  It is a series of steps and questions that cause us to slow the RPM’s of our lives and reflect upon the day. It begins with your relationship with to Christ, then we recognize the gifts of God that day, followed by a request that God would lead us into understanding, then review your day and reconcile your life through repentance and forgiveness. If you have questions or what more information of the Examen just email @
I am reminded how quickly time passes. Our families grow up so quickly and it is important to take the time to laugh, talk, love … to slow down for just a moment. Moments however, are short lived. We soon look at the clock and realize that time has gotten away from us. In Ecclesiastes 3, there is a familiar passage, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven:” Time is one of those enigmas; it costs, it pays, it passes too slow, too fast, like sand, the tighter you hold on to it the more it slips away. I think the older I get the more I want to drink deeply of every sacred moment. God is the creator of time; he knows it, understands it, gives it, redeems it, can stop it, speed it up or even bring it to an end as we know it. In the mystery of time I look to the creator of time and find rest from the pace, joy in the journey and yes …sacrament in each moment.

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