Government vs. the American Citizen

These are again times that try men’s souls. It is time to confront the apparent reality that the liberal-socialist-Marxist cabal running our government is committed to destroying the America we all know and love. This final rush gained speed with TARP, progressed to “cap and trade,” and they’re trying to finish us off with a government takeover of our health care system. Understand there is not a health care crisis; it is an insurance problem for which there are answers without destroying the best health care system in the world!
Many now realize they bought the real “bridge to nowhere:” Obama, Reid, and Pelosi’s agenda. Obama, as Hustler-in-Chief, sold the majority of us “change.” As the joke goes, we’ll be lucky to have any left. The real change they’re attempting is from our autonomy as free citizens working in a free enterprise economic system, minding our own business and making our own way, into serfs working for the government, at the will and dictate of our government, in businesses “owned and operated” by the government, for the benefit of the government, it’s ruling class, and their co-dependent wards.
How long will it take for the ignorant and gullible among us to realize that when the oil companies, auto companies, insurance companies, and “the rich” who own small businesses (for whom most Americans work) are being consistently and aggressively demonized by the ruling class that something is dangerously wrong! That’s not what America was meant to be! Who is serving who? Who works for whom?
Obama’s change is bankrupting the country–morally and economically. It’s change that will force tax payer-funded abortion down our throats (in this “stealth FOCA” Bill), and will mandate euthanasia through rationing for our elderly and infirm. All in the name of “Health Care” – a misnomer only a liberal could conceive with a straight face. This would make for extraordinary comedy if it weren’t so dangerous and grievous. But as one columnist has asked, “Who’s going to tell Michael J. Fox he needs to die”? The bioethical questions and the dangers of bureaucratic mandate are staggering!
Crazy, you say? Harsh words, you say? No. Just the truth; generally regarded in modern America these days as “hate speech,” but truth just the same.
Senator Jim DeMint has called this “Health Care” Bill “Fannie Med.” How true! If you like the efficiency, the responsibility, the wonder of the wise and cost-effective management we don’t see in Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, the VA, the Postal Service, your average Department of Motor Vehicles, and the economy-destroying mortgage debacles of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – combined with the mercy and compassion of the IRS – you’ll just love “Fannie Med!”
Mathew Staver and his legal staff at Liberty Counsel have reviewed, revised and adapted a list of summarizations of the specific provisions of House Bill 3200 and noted their locations in the actual Bill. They used work originally prepared by Peter Fleckenstein (and posted on line at The entirety of Liberty’s review is at
Here’s my message to President Obama and our government: Get your hands off my freedoms, my money, my health, and my family! Government-run “health care”? NO, NO, NO! A thousand times NO!!!
Take these sentiments in person to your Congressmen’s “Town Hall Meetings” and let them be known in no uncertain terms! Let them hear continually the same resounding NO in their DC offices. The number to the Capitol Hill switchboard is (202) 224-3121.
America is at stake! Your family’s health is at risk! It is your Christian duty to pray and stand against the threat!

Mark Williamson is the Founder and President of Foundation Restoration Ministries and Federal Intercessors, educational and intercessory ministries dedicated to the restoration of Biblical truth, righteousness and justice in the nation, and the high offices of the Federal government. The views expressed in this column are his personal opinions and observations. Learn more and join the prayer cause at You may contact him directly at, or at 713-722-4301.

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