Coaching Corner: How to Stop Sinning

There are multiple ways to stop sinning and probably one of the easiest and most useful is to learn to take the charge out of our emotions.

Last time we talked about how our emotions really aren’t talking about any other person, not about what they are thinking, believing, saying or doing. I introduced you to a young man who changed his business and personal life around by getting control and direction over his thinking by way of celebrating, paying attention to and removing the charge from his emotions.

BUT, you’re thinking, “If I take the charge out of emotions I won’t have any feelings.” Well I want to let you in on a secret. We all know God is Love but has anyone told you that the feeling of love is call Joy indescribable and peace that passes understanding. If they haven’t, now you know. Any way back to stopping sin…

Emotions have a charge to them and we explain this charge in a number of ways. We call the charge positive, negative, good, bad, right, wrong, etc.

It is the charge attached to an emotion (energy in motion) that moves us to take good or bad action. Emotions by themselves are not right or wrong, positive or negative, good or bad. Our belief filters determine whether or not we will call them right or wrong, good or bad. This is a good thing.

Taking the action feels good at the time as that is what charge does, it motivates us. Since emotions aren’t right or wrong they are simply indicators of what we are currently thinking at the time.  We can address this from two different angles…

1)      Attempt to stop the thoughts

2)      Take the charge out of the feeling

Attempting to stop the thoughts can be tricky as by the time thoughts have gotten to the point of an emotional feeling one has from below conscious awareness, thought a thought for 68 seconds or more. When someone thinks a thought for as little as 17 seconds more thoughts like it are attracted and by the time one has gotten to 68 seconds the charge has built to the level of an emotive feeling. It is like a snowball rolling down hill it picks up more snow, moves faster and gets harder to stop. The charge gets greater and greater.

Using a tool, like Circuit Breaking can take the charge out of our emotive feelings and with no charge in our feelings we get to choose whether or not to take action.

A lot of people would like to stop sinning and they know in their heads that they have the power as that is what they have been told and taught every Sunday since they can remember.  It can get frustrating, all the ups and downs not wanting to be bad, trying to be good.

What if there were easy ways to stop sinning, stop the frustration, stop the pain, etc?

What if you could live the life you want to live?

What if there was a path of ‘how to’s’ we could use, since we already know what we want.

Well there is and it is the path of moving all the things we know in our head (head knowledge) down behind our belly button (wisdom – the ability to experience knowledge) down into what is called heart space, the core of our being. I hope to meet you there.

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