Politics and Religion: A Fruit Inspection

It is important to understand that we live in a time when even professing Christians are confused and many of them buy the lie that “truth is hate speech.” Nothing could be further from the truth (no pun intended). Scripture says “you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” We are to expose the deeds of darkness, “make a righteous judgment,” and to judge the “fruit” (though not the person). Unfortunately, most people can’t distinguish the difference, and thus default to secular tolerance.

Truly knowing the God Who IS Truth implies knowing His Truth, His “opinion” on every kind of Truth that exists, for the God Who IS Truth KNOWS all truth, and we do well to seek His truth in every aspect and on every issue lest we be deceived by anti-Christ in these last days. I’m increasingly convinced that the “mark of the beast” happens between the ears before it is accepted on the forehead or the hand. A big start in that direction is the subtle belief that government is god (the essence of liberalism).

The idea that there is no absolute truth, that everything is relative, and the highest virtue is to be tolerant of “others’ truths” is an intentional lie from the pit of hell. It is a “gross darkness covering the peoples.”

There is absolute truth about every issue. Judging the “fruit” of a person’s actions is not the same as passing judgment on the person. This is also true of our political leaders and their political agendas. Indeed it is required stewardship. Pastors from the era of our founding fathers would excoriate such ignorance and passive irresponsibility as we have in the church and nation today.

So let’s inspect the “fruit” of President Obama and his performance so far. And again, these comments regarding President Obama have to do with his policies that the Bible clearly condemns and which the Constitution prohibits, not with the person. He and his family are loved by God and it is His earnest desire (and my earnest prayer) to save them. It is God’s job to judge the character of the man and his heart; what I address are the fruits of his policies and the resulting damage being done to our nation.

Most mature Christians who believe the Bible and its principles will have little difficulty discerning that his pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, anti-church positions and other anti-Christian, anti-Biblical, and anti-constitutional policies of Obama’s are wrong and should opposed. Yet, astonishingly, massive numbers of not-so-mature Christians who knew these truths still voted for him. If ever there was a wolf in sheep’s clothing, Obama qualifies. And six months into his administration, his “coat” is beginning to shed.

Not only did he support infanticide as an Illinois state Senator, he supports abortion on demand, and is now working to make it illegal for doctors to refuse to perform an abortion because of their Christian beliefs and/or personal conscience.

His “stimulus bill” prohibits funds from going to any school or university that allows their facilities to be used by Christian organizations although such activities have been upheld as constitutional by the Supreme Court – an intentional slap at Christianity. His “stimulus bill” is itself a massive Socialist/Marxist coup d’état against the free enterprise/capitalist economy through which the poorest among us live a veritable “lifestyle of the rich and famous” compared to most other countries.

His firing of private business leaders (talk about audacity), the refusal to take back “stimulus money” from businesses who have thought better of it, and the recent bankruptcy of General Motors is disastrous, but more importantly, an assault on the constitutional limits of the federal government. Especially since Obama structured it via destroying most of the private investment in GM–including those of the elderly and the average worker’s retirement plan–and giving it away to the UAW. Shameful! The shutting down of dealerships that contributed to Republicans (only one “democrat” dealership is being closed) is frightening if not illegal, and certainly revealing about his ACORN mentality and “Chicago gangster” approach. “You give-ah allegiance to me, we take-ah care of you; you don’t, we take-ah you out at the knees.” The “trickle-down” economic damage will be broad and long-lasting as GM is not an island.

Beyond his long-term destruction of our economy, the interest on the debt he has incurred (more than all the annual debt incurred in the history of our nation combined) is nothing less than child abuse and theft against our children and grand-children. It would be bad enough if this entire “stimulus bill” had any positive effect, but it hasn’t. Its money borrowed only to be burned.

Then there is his half-hearted pseudo-support of Israel. Talk about speaking with a forked tongue. He’s telling Israel how to run their business to such an extent he’s now “ordering” them to build no new settlements – not even for population growth. This is on top of his genuflecting before a Saudi King, and now we have his recent statements that Iran has a right to nuclear power.

What Socialist/Marxist re-make of America would be complete without an overtly activist judge on the Supreme Court? Judge Sonia Sotomeyer certainly fits the bill with her admission that the Appellate Court is “where policy is made.” Pardon this tidbit of truth, but according to the constitution (I know what a drag that outdated and mostly ignored document is to “progressives” like Obama) the Congress is where policy is supposed to be made, not in the imagination of one who believes that by virtue of her “Latina” experiences, she would make a better judge than a white male. If the reverse had been stated by a white male, liberals would have been apoplectic, and the offender would have been rightfully disqualified. But such a comment gets a pass by virtue of the fact that she is a “Latina.” The brazen hypocrisy of liberals is mind boggling, but alas, it is increasingly the norm in our nation of dumbed-down sheep.

Then there are the more subtle things that are happening that don’t really make much news, but which have profound implications. One example is Obama’s Education Secretary Arne Duncan’s appointment of Kevin Jennings, founder of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GSLEN), to be Assistant Deputy Secretary for the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools. GSLEN promotes affirmation of homosexuality in schools starting at the Kindergarten level. According to the Family Research Council, “Jennings wrote the foreword for a book, “Queering Elementary Education” which among other things praises teaching masturbation to a 7-year-old girl.” And, “in a speech in a New York church in  2000,  he declared, “We have to quit being afraid of the religious right….I’m trying not to say, “(F—) ‘em!” which is what I want to say, because I don’t care what they think! Drop dead!”  Thank you, President Obama and all you Obama-voting “Christians” for this assault on our children.

Yes, this is just a small sampling of the fruit of what so many mistakenly believe is our “messiah;” the “one.” Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, many will insist that Obama is a Christian sent by God to save America. Scripture suggests otherwise. Titus 1:16 says “They profess to know God, but by their deeds they deny Him, being detestable and disobedient and worthless for any good deed.” (Emphasis mine.)

The question is: is all this unholy and wrong fruit born out of the ignorance of an inexperienced rookie, or, to borrow a phrase, the work of intelligent design?

Mark Williamson is the Founder and President of Foundation Restoration Ministries and Federal Intercessors, educational and intercessory ministries dedicated to the restoration of Biblical truth, righteousness and justice in the nation, and the high offices of the Federal government. The views expressed in this column are his personal opinions and observations. Learn more and join the prayer cause at www.federalintercessors.net. You may contact him directly at mark.williamson@federalintercessors.net, or at 713-722-4301.

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