Thoughts for Election 2008

This September/October issue of Houston Christian Magazine will be the last before the election in November so I wanted to summarize some truths, and share some personal insights and opinions regarding some of the candidates.

First of all, I want to highly recommend Pete Olson for the 22nd Congressional District seat. I’ve had several conversations with Olson, and one fairly lengthy one. When I asked him why he was running, he said it was for his kids, that he was very aware of the world and nation they were going to live in if we didn’t do something now to change course. Olson is a former military man. He has lived through tragedy in his life, wrestled with God in the process, and I believe he came out a better man for it. He earnestly wants to help change the direction of the country – and in the right direction.

Then there is the intriguing paradox of Rick Noriega, democratic candidate for U.S. Senator. I recently met with Rick and his wife, Houston City Councilwoman Melissa Noriega. I really like these two people. I had a great discussion with them, and plan more but circumstances haven’t allowed that yet. It seems they’re genuine and sincere in their faith and their care for people.

The problem is, of course, that as liberals, they believe that government is responsible for doing things it’s not constitutionally or Biblically authorized to do. Rick made the statement that he feels that too many have got theirs, and they’re leaving it up to everyone else to get theirs, and he’s running to right that wrong. Of course, generically speaking, liberals don’t understand that some things are wrong just because they’re wrong. Government has never produced any wealth. It only consumes or re-distributes it, and Biblically speaking, regardless of the very best motives and intentions, Robin Hood is still a thief.

Of course, they are also pro-choice and pro-homosexual rights. I never cease to be dismayed when professing Christians somehow feel that they can rewrite God’s Biblical standards, which one has to do to say abortion and homosexual lifestyles are in any way acceptable.

From a strategic standpoint, it is also important to remember that sending a democrat to the Senate from Texas strengthens the Harry Reid/Nancy Pelosi disaster currently running our Congress. Texas needs John Cornyn in the Senate, and the entire nation needs him on the extremely important Senate Judiciary Committee. Cornyn is himself a Christian, and has the added advantage of better understanding the Constitutional roles and limitations of our civil government.

McCain is the obvious choice for President. Obama would be detrimental to America. He is a radical, ultra-liberal Marxist, a fearless leader of the homosexual agenda, and supports not only abortion at every opportunity, but de facto infanticide. He is denying it, and lying about the undeniable public record of his vocal opposition to two bills in the Illinois State Legislature protecting the life of a baby born after a botched abortion. This goes beyond what even pro-abortion radicals like Boxer, Kennedy, Kerry, and Clinton are willing to accept.

The Civil Forum on the Presidency from Saddleback Church in California was extremely revealing, providing all one really needs to know to make a quality, Kingdom of God-honoring vote. To summarize:

Obama on the top issues:
Life: he said to make either a theological or scientific decision is above his pay grade.
Judges: would not nominate conservative, Constitution-supporting judges, only liberal, activist judges.
Evil (and the war on terror): must be “confronted” and with “humility,” presumably because America is itself evil on some level, something his wife Michelle would likely be hard-pressed to argue with, and his former Pastor, Jeremiah Wright, would heartily agree with.
Homosexual (counterfeit) marriage: for it.
Freedom of religion and association when religious organizations accept federal funding: he’s against it (in other words, in Obama’s world, churches that accept federal funds should have to hire anyone – including non-believers, gays, lesbians, transgendered persons, etc.
Taxes: would raise taxes and spending by hundreds of billions – if not trillions – of dollars, even as the country is going bankrupt.
Energy: against drilling. He’s said that higher prices are a good thing, and doesn’t seem to mind sending $700 billion a year going to the Middle East.

McCain on the top issues:
Life: begins at conception and the baby is deserving of human rights and protections at that point.
Judges: would not nominate liberal, activist judges who work to change the meaning of the Constitution; but would nominate judges who would uphold the Constitution.
Evil (and the war on terror): defeat it.
Homosexual (counterfeit) marriage: believes marriage is between one man and one woman.
Freedom of religion and association when religious organizations accept federal funding: he’s for it (in other words, McCain adamantly supports churches as completely within their rights to hire only believers of like faith and conduct regardless of whether they accept federal funds).
Taxes: no new taxes; cut spending that is out of control.
Energy: drill here, drill now; it’s a matter of national security.

Obama is simply not up to the job; his ideas are contrary to reality, and he is neither experienced nor sufficiently qualified on any level to be Commander in Chief. Laying aside Biden’s liberal record, the VP pick simply illustrates how upside down the ticket is.

Obama claims Jesus as his Savior (and He may be; that is between Obama and Jesus) but has no hesitation in contradicting or misapplying seemingly everything Jesus said including, among many examples, the truth-claim that Jesus made saying He is the only way to the Father (the only way to Heaven), and that “the least of these” doesn’t apply to innocent babies in the womb.

Can you imagine God the Father or Jesus the Son going through the anguish of the crucifixion if there was another way for you and me to be saved?!?!? Didn’t Jesus pray for such a thing? Yet, it was not possible. I think it’s pretty stunning – and very revealing of a person’s character – to effectively call one’s “Lord and Savior” a liar.

As a default, I recommend you vote Republican at every turn, in every state or national race. Republicans are often frustratingly imperfect. I often say that God-less conservatism is only slightly better than anti-Christ liberalism, but it is still marginally better as regards human civil government. Besides, there are still many conservative Republicans still standing for Christian values in the arena of civil government, and they deserve our support.

What we need are more Christians who know the Bible and who know the Constitution to be more involved as voters and office seekers. The current Dobson/Engle/Farah mentality of not voting is wrong. Biblical stewardship requires that a steward faithfully exercise his stewardship even with imperfect choices. So vote! Vote righteously! Vote as a Christian Ambassador and not just for your own selfish interests. To do any less is idolatry, and dishonors the Lord Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.

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