How to Spot a Toxic Relationship

There are many reasons women are attracted to Mr. Wrong. Since the beginning of time woman have been mesmerized by “bad boys.” We seemed to be attracted to the excitement of a rebel or their charismatic ways. Many women have had very bad male role models. They are not quite sure what they are looking for. Many women have been Miss Goody Two-shoes for so long, prior to their adulthood that they can’t wait to get involved with their opposite. It could be that they are trying to replace their father are duplicate him as I did. I t could be that you suffer from low self esteem and feel that a piece of a man is better than no man at all, or that you simply don’t know how to recognize Mr. Wrong if he was standing right in front of you which is usually the case. The list of reasons goes on and on. These Mr. Wrongs come in all shapes and sizes as well as all ethnicities and religious backgrounds.

God has greater in store for you but in order to be ready for your Isaac, the
Real promise; you must recognize and avoid the false promise. Ishmael always comes before Isaac. Whenever God’s about to send you what you are supposed to have the enemy will send you something that is not the promise. He wants you to be satisfied with Ishmael instead of waiting for Isaac. Whatever the reason woman keep choosing Mr. Wrongs we must stop. We must stop over looking the early
warning signs. Here is some tell-tell signs that your man has a toxic or an abusive personality.

Answer these 17 Questions

1. Does he abuse alcohol or drugs?
2. Does he have a dual personality, on minute nice and sweet the next minute cruel and mean?
3. Does he have a violent temper?
4. Did he grow up in an abusive household?
5. Does he blow up inappropriately about small incidents?
6. Is he a very jealous person?
7. Is he very controlling?
8. Does he consider himself a ladies man or a macho man?
9. Does he shove you or physically hurt you in any way?
10. Does he criticize you or say negative discouraging comments to you regularly?
11. Has he had many unsuccessful relationships or marriages?
12. Does he have low self-esteem and lots of insecurities?
13. Does he question you a lot about your whereabouts?
14. Does he think men are superior to women?
15. Does he have a healthy relationship with his mother?
(Not too distant, not too much of a mama’s boy)
16. Does he change scripture to fit his twisted views?
17. Is he moody, having extreme highs or lows?

These could all be considered strong signs of Mr. Wrong, not to mention others such as: He’s married, even if separated, he can’t keep a job, he lies constantly, and he’s unfaithful or unsaved. Ladies remember your worth. Don’t forget that you are the daughter of a King. You are a princess worthy of great honor and high esteem. Stop selling yourselves short and wait for your Isaac to find you. Trust God and lean not unto your own understanding, WAIT!

Look for the next issue on how to detach from any toxic friendships or relationships.

For more information on how you can be delivered from toxic relationships,
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