Kill Your Yesterday and Keep Your Tomorrow Alive

What humanistic fleshly need is causing you to keep your past alive and kill your future? I can hear you now thinking, what on earth does she mean by that?  Well let me explain. Often times we are looking for God to bless us, we keep asking God, when are you are going to do what you have promised.  Well I can imagine that God is sitting back saying, when are you going to let go of some if those things that are separating you from your destiny.  For many of us, God has opened up the doors to the things for which we desire, but we have missed it because we were looking backwards instead of forwards.
You can not move to the future if you keep looking in the past. If you are going to live for your future, there are many things of your past that must die.  God is ready to deliver us to a place of promise in our lives but for whatever reasons we hold on to things that are dead and gone and should have been buried years ago. This could mean a dead relationship, or a relationship that should be buried, this could be bad memories that keeps us from focuses on the things that promote Gods goodness, this may be a dead career situation that we need to trust God about and take some risk or a leap of faith, this could mean a bad habit that we keep burying and digging back up, or perhaps a way of thinking, some self condemnation or a behavior that only perpetuates low self-esteem, shame or guilt.

We as believers must stop nurturing things that need to be neutered and cut off.  We must learn to stop pumping life and strength into situations that ought to be dismissed. The great poet Nikki Giovanni says “anything that you stop feeding will die, but anything that you feed will go.”  Stop feeding negative and bad relationships, memories, behaviors, habits, and a past life that you know God is calling you to let of. God is standing ready, waiting and willing to bless you beyond what you can imagine, but first you must let go. That’s right let go, to get!

This may sound like a new concept because society teaches us to grab hold and hold on for dear life. Many times we hold on to our own detriment, to things that are destroying us, yet we don’t know how to let go. What are you holding on to? What situation are you continuing to go back to? I challenge you to let go, kill your yesterday and keep your tomorrow alive. Bad things may have happened to you, you may have made some decisions that weren’t the best, but who hasn’t, just remember all things happen for the good of those who love the Lord?  Your tomorrow is bright. Yes, it will be greater later, but you must walk forward, you can’t walk forward and look backwards, this only cause you to bump into obstacles that keep you from getting where you are trying to go and to the destiny God has chosen for you.

Killing your yesterday and keeping your tomorrow alive is going to take prayer, obedience, faith and strength, but remember in God, we can do all things and no weapon formed against us shall prosper. It is when we are weak that He is strong.  Satan’s trick is to keep us re-living the past. It is time to stop looking back.  The word reminds us to, Forget those things which are behind and reach for those things which are before. (Philippians 3:13)

This is your season; you as well as many others have been faithful, now it’s time to be obedient. I leave you with three questions to answer. 1) What or who am I holding on to from the past that is keeping me from moving forward? 2) What am I nurturing and feeding that I need to bury or that is long gone and dead. And last but not least. 3) What actions am I going to take to “kill my yesterday and keep my tomorrow?” You cannot keep them both alive. If you want your future to live, your negative past must die and if you hold on to the negative things of the past, you will kill your future, the choice is yours. What will it be?

Yours truly,

Conte Morgan Terrell, MACC

Conte Terrell is the founder and president of Fresh Spirit Wellness for Women, Inc. Counseling Center, Located at 5100 Westheimer Suite 200, Houston TX, 77056. She is the Host of the Conte Terrell Show, aired on Cable Public Access channel 17. She is a published author and has written the book “Deliverance to a Fresh Spirit”, a 12 Step guide to ending toxic relationships and overcoming the effects of such relationships. Meet Conte Terrell in person by joining her April 21st  and 28th  for her class entitled, “ I’m ok and  I ‘m on my way” at the Fresh Spirit Wellness for Women’s Center.  713-968-6565 or visit the website at

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