Politics and Religion: Considerations for the 2008 Texas Primary

As of this writing, it looks more and more like a McCain candidacy on the Republican side. Giuliani and Romney are both out, and Huckabee is a long shot for the nomination at best.

The Democratic side offers us Clinton or Obama. There’s only one way to describe that situation – if you like the way government runs now, just wait until we have socialized medicine crammed down our throats, especially if it’s Clinton and her “garnished wages” plan to pay for it. If you like more abortion, liberal judges that turn the Constitution upside down and inside out, more homosexual license and assault on the family, or retreat from the war on terror, then pick one, and work and vote for that person. If you like less free speech to challenge the overtaking of America by globalists and the anti-Christ religion of secular humanism, go Democratic.

I have not been a McCain supporter primarily because of Constitutional blunders like McCain-Kennedy (illegal alien amnesty), and McCain-Feingold (election reform that is a free-speech debacle) and other such positions. His votes against Bush’s tax cuts were clearly not conservative. He gave a great speech at the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Conference in Washington in September, but so did the rest of the candidates. I was not won over.

But on the plus side, he does have a pro-life record, is a fiscal conservative, voted last year to defund Planned Parenthood (which is critical), and voted against embryonic stem-cell research. You’ve probably heard much about his 82.3 rating from the American Conservative Union, and that shouldn’t be sneezed at. McCain’s one clear strength his is support of the war on terror. He gets it, and will no doubt execute it faithfully.

The Rush Limbaughs and Ann Coulters (and sadly, James Dobson) of the world that are currently saying they can never support McCain need to rethink. However bad they may think he is (not without some justification), the alternative (Clinton or Obama) would be a much greater disaster. To take one’s marbles and just stay home is irresponsible even – perhaps especially – when faced with nothing but less-than-perfect choices. Isn’t that what stewardship is? Making the best decision from out of the only possibilities one has?

Huckabee is not likely to get the nomination, though all along he has looked like a very viable if not the most likely VP candidate. No other candidate will win without the support of evangelical Christians and conservatives, and McCain is somewhat suspect to such a voter. I’m still conflicted regarding Huckabee – his record doesn’t entirely coincide with what he’s now saying – but if he has truly seen the light on immigration, border security, the FAIR tax and the dismantling of the IRS, how can one argue with any of that? Many conservatives are going to insist on a very conservative VP running mate before they support McCain, and Huckabee may not be enough for them, but should draw most evangelicals.

I will make mention of Ron Paul. I like a lot of what he stands for, but the disqualifying problem is he seems willfully ignorant of radical Islam and its threat to America. They want to kill us not because we are over there (often to protect and help Moslems) but because we exist. They hate us, and slaughtering “infidels” is how they assure themselves of heaven. Most people don’t realize that Islam is not just a religion, but a political ideology hell-bent on world domination. Any candidate in either party that doesn’t possess that understanding is not qualified and cannot be trusted with the office of the President of the United States. I heartily support Ron Paul to remain in his Congressional seat!

I’ve heard several prophecies that God will give us a righteous man in the office of the Presidency in this election – even though one prophecy clarified that it might not seem so at the beginning. That particular prophet said God was going to get hold of the man after he was in the Oval Office. These prophecies could apply to everyone in the race right now, (except for Hillary). It also might mean that God raises up another that we do not yet see. Deadlocked conventions (though very unlikely for the Republicans at this point) are possible. Accident, illness or even death can dramatically change the political landscape (remember Senator Paul Wellstone in 2002).

I knew by revelation in early 1998 that George W. Bush would be President, and prayed accordingly. This time around, I can only pray for that “hidden heart” that God will get hold of to be in the right place at the right time. I am quiet confident that despite the gross sins of this nation and its government, God is not finished with America yet. And while any President cannot be looked upon as a savior to this nation, the role is important, and I believe God intends to use it.

But beyond that, I believe revival is on the way to America and the world, with signs and wonders and healings that will astound the unbelieving. So be full of faith, be confident, pray, and be good stewards of your vote this March and in November. Vote righteously. Be an ambassador for the Kingdom of God on earth. Take your stand against government-sanctioned immorality and cultural destruction, and for morality and righteousness so that the foundations may be restored, and the breaches repaired – to the glory of God the Father and Jesus Christ.

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