Kathy Troccoli – More than the Music

In 1982, contemporary pop was taking center stage in Christian music, and after shopping for a record deal, the founders of Reunion Records decided to create their own record label to launch the musical career of an Italian girl from New York — Kathy Troccoli. That initial record became the fastest selling debut album from any female artist in the history of Christian music at that time and included her first big hit, “Stubborn Love.”
Kathy has come a long way since her musical debut, but her passion for sharing the Gospel and her life lessons through music has not waned a bit. She is celebrating 25 years of music and ministry. Kathy has 19 recordings to her credit, four of which she produced on her own label KT Records — her newest being Comfort in 2005 and The Story of Love in 2006.
“So many years were spent working and reaching and climbing. I was trying to find my place in the music world. But God has His perfect timing and a unique road opened up for me in the last several years.” One path on that road has taken sail, literally! Certainly one of the most pleasurable ministries anyone can lead is the week of worship at sea Kathy oversees each year. Celebrating her 10th Anniversary KT & Friends Cruise in February of 2008, Kathy will have as her guests this year Sandi Patty, Phillips Craig & Dean, Selah, Anita Renfroe and Bruce Carroll. ‘Summer camp for adults’ is the way many have described this wonderful week of worship, fellowship and spiritual renewal under the sun.
And Kathy’s vibrant ministry to women has made her one of the most popular Christian speakers on the women’s circuit. Her effective communication style, funny stories, and passionate music have blessed vast audiences. “I have been able to team up with my best friend Ellie Lofaro, who is a Bible teacher and talented speaker. We are joining up to do conferences together called ‘Spaghetti for the Soul, A feast of faith, hope and love’. We have already booked eight dates in the fall and fifteen for 2008. We are working with Life Today with James and Betty Robison, making a ‘Spaghetti for the Soul’ DVD series at their studio and taping live sessions with the audience.”

She has more to say than can be communicated in a four-minute song. Portions of her concerts contain very specific times of the heartfelt sharing of deep insights. Kathy is intelligent, funny, and raw. She bears scars that have produced a powerful and insightful communicator. “What a sweet time of life this is,” says Kathy. “It is amazing how God uses the years and the pain we go through to bring comfort to others.” And she is one who certainly knows. Having struggled with depression and bulimia, and the loss of her parents, Kathy conveys a powerful message of hope wherever she goes. “God uses our stories of redemption to breathe hope and courage into the lives of others. We all need to be reminded that a resurrected God is in control and that He still works miracles.”
She continues to travel the world speaking and singing of God’s life and love. She partners with Life Outreach International and has had the joy of co-laboring in projects in Africa and India, which serve the poor. Kathy has never been more fulfilled than she is now. “I am exactly where I am supposed to be. There is such freedom in that. Now I truly understand that my singing is just a part of what God has created me to do.” And what is that? “Encouraging, motivating, and inspiring. What a privilege.”


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