China, the Christian Gospel, and the Sacred Value of Human Life 

According to the latest sociocultural estimates, China is on track to becoming the world’s most significant Christian country by 2030, and the English language will feature more competent speakers in China than in any other country by the same date as well. Such news is distressing for anyone who’s anti-Christian, but the job of Christians isn’t focused on making leftists comfortable. Rather, the mission of the gospel is to teach of the struggles and sacrifices of Christ, and how He underwent accusation, torture, and a horrific death – all because He had dared to point out the faults in His kinsmen, and proclaim His divinity.

2030 isn’t far away. What distresses leftists the most is the rapid restoration of Chinese values that seems to have acquired a life of its own in the mainland. Recently the Communist Government made several announcements in rapid-fire succession: the one-child policy is abolished, and native Chinese families are now free to procreate. Previously, only Muslims and other Asiatic minorities were allowed to freely have children beyond the one-child limit.

The State Council of the Communist Government further admits that, in the forty years of the one-child policy – incontestably the largest planned parenthood project ever instituted on a national scale in the history of the human race – 336 million (sanyi sanqian liubai wan) human lives were aborted. 

That is the size of the United States population. It is horrible. Criminal records (and sheer logic) reveal that there weren’t 336 million rapists in mainland China in the forty-year period. The vast majority of these deaths by abortion happened needlessly, and it must be here pondered, deeply: what mental gymnastics have the State and the people had to go through in order to facilitate and bring about the termination of these human lives?

The killing has ripped a huge hole in the very soul of the Chinese nation, and the Chinese masses evidently cannot accept this anymore. There is no adequate explanation for what possessed the State and the people to engage in a forty-year dance that killed off so many innocent people. Perhaps the allure of revolutionary slogans and “cutting-edge modern thinking” was too irresistible – the same attractiveness is observable in the Democratic and Libertarian schools of thought in North America. No one, Oriental or Westerner, is immune to the temptations of leftism.

Leftists in the form of well-dressed Democrats with stacks of legalese, and who like arguments and rationalizations have said that pregnancies do not count as “people.” Republicans are renowned for insisting that pregnancies are not mere meat, and count as human life. Halfway across the world, the Communist Government has decided: the Republicans are right. 

Democrats with stacks of legalese, and who like arguments and rationalizations have said that pregnancies do not count as “people.” Republicans are renowned for insisting that pregnancies are not mere meat, and count as human life.

A Postmodern Battle Between Right And Wrong

With its announcements and honesty, the Communist Government has adjusted the nation away from the life-negating and nihilistic excesses of revolutionary leftism. But this reorientation has further alienated China from the Democrat-Libertarian way of life, and there can be no peace for China in the coming decades. Leftists around the world will write reports to bemoan China’s trajectory, and accuse her of being less than modern. What can the Communist Government do? Acquiesce to the styles and customs of the Democrats, and have abortion make a fashionable comeback on the healthcare scene? 

Or, save the Chinese nation and look like a Republican while doing it? This is the better choice. 

The Chinese have always been a fascinating people, and the Republican Party knows that very well. Nixon visited mainland China in the 1970s with his hopes of reviving the Republic of China in the mainland, but Carter brought a more tempting deal to Beijing’s table, and recognized the People’s Republic of China in 1978. With this the Democratic Party helped give traction to the Palestine program, but the damage was horrible for China domestically: Democrat recognition for the People’s Republic was formulated in the same year as the one-child policy. Both went into effect nationwide, and the killing began – but all was well for both the American and Communist Governments, because societal progress, household economic reform, and women’s empowerment were the tempting justifications.

Since the late seventies, America and China have deleted 66 million and 336 million pregnancies respectively. I am confident of American moral character in the general civilian population sufficient to remain convinced that there weren’t as many as 66 million male rapists in the forty years since the popularization of abortion in America. American males – whether Caucasian, African American, Asian, or Hispanic – are not raised with any automatic cultural propensity to seize, subdue, and rape folks. Sixty-six million rapists in one country across a forty-year period would have classed America as the most violent and morally depraved nation on the face of the earth.

Therefore the annihilation of so many lives West and East has occurred, not because of a mindless pandemic of violently perverse American and Chinese men. Rather, the killing took place because of an ultimate unwillingness to commit, i.e. an unwillingness to own the responsibility of having created new life, and to nurture and love and tend to the fruit of passion. It is easier to squash that fruit, i.e. terminate womb life, (and better still, to class the life as nonlife) than to raise a child with time, effort, and resources. The hundreds of millions of deliberate miscarriages – which are literally what abortions are – represent the decisions of parents (women and/or men) who live in a societal framework that makes no fuss concerning the snuffing out of life in the womb. 

“An unwillingness to commit” summarizes the attitude of recreational abortion, both in the macro- and micro-circumstances. At the personal family-planning level, (an) individual parent(/s) terminate perfectly viable pregnancies by elevating other rationales above the child’s right to life. At the national population-planning level, a government elevates a basketload of rationales above the conceived child’s right to live. There are countless parents who have obeyed the provisions of government, rather than pay the fines of delivering and raising a second or third child. 

But the deletion of a child does not result in “out of sight, out of mind.” The elimination of an innocent being does not exit the mind all at once; therefore, leftist community organizers advise women who have had abortions to seek remedy counseling and therapist help. Revolutionary leftism has created a veritable system of bells and whistles that is as rickety as it is absurd. This is not a win for women’s wellbeing and female rights in human society. Rather, women have become pawns, immense victims, and units of capital in an artificial and soulless framework that leftists euphemistically call a progressive society.

If you’re not able to explain to a third-grader why the perfectly healthy child in a mother’s womb should be forcibly made to die, then it is pretty obvious just how twisted the culture of abortion actually is – no matter how much creative language anyone chooses to heap upon it in a bid to justify it.

Christians Are Vital In The Politics Of The Nation

Even if I were a dog, I would not see myself as fit for termination in the womb. No one should dare assume that I am not worthy of being born. I shall be, for I already am. I exist. 

The tireless fight that Republicans carry forth in the pro-life movement is not merely a sociopolitical habit, but an ethical one, make no mistake. I can attest to this with the encounters I’ve seen unfold before my very eyes. 

An Arab woman of about fifty-five years of age was recently troubled by her negative self-image, for she perceived herself as old, and she shared her worries with me. Her husband had departed from her by way of divorce just several months prior, and she emerged from the pain with a deep sadness, including reminiscences of “how much time (she has) lost” and “a wasted youth” in having married the wrong man. Soon, even in the presence of her two daughters, she began lamenting her pregnancies, and how her second daughter “was an accident.” Not one to be fooled, the young child quipped with an unmistakeable defiance, and said, “I am not an accident!”

Her older daughter, a postgraduate entrant of sharp intellect, was nevertheless crushed by her mother’s words – no doubt oft-spoken at home, and not just in front of me. Her mother repeated the same sentiments in various stylings, and all of it pointed to how she saw her children as “mistakes” and her married days as “wasted and worthless.” In a fast-deteriorating home environment such as this, the older daughter began to believe she had been a burden to her mother, and that all women are slaves to marriage and childrearing, and must thus be liberated from men’s lies and the sly constructs of love, romance, and marriage. By and by, the postgrad researcher shared how she was growing in favor of abortion, and that it would have been better for her mother’s freedom if she (the daughter) had never been born. 

This is a snapshot of how Democrats and Libertarians are created. They are formed in the crucible of suffering, and smashed into shape by the circumstances of broken families and shattered hearts.

Such tragedies are the basic reason why the Christian and Republican missions have all the more reason to persist in service: to give renewed hope for all who have been betrayed, trampled underfoot, used, or ditched, discarded, bullied, or dealt with unjustly. We persist in order to proclaim that you matter, that you are precious, that we care about you, and that our God knew you even when you were in the womb.

The tireless fight that Republicans carry forth in the pro-life movement is not merely a sociopolitical habit, but an ethical one, make no mistake. 

Rightist-Conservative Values Are Higher Than Expediency Or Convenience 

A man who becomes a father is responsible to the marriage and to childrearing, and must abide by his daughters in particular, for they observe him in his fortitude, tenacity, and courage. He must be a moral figure, and daughters will be comforted by that more than sons will (for sons tend to acquire manly personae of their own make, and try to differentiate themselves from Dad). 

There is no greater commandment than to love. There is no rule that says mothers and fathers are separate in their engagements. Fathers can bathe, feed, clothe, patch/mend/sew/clean/fix around the house, cook, read to, listen to, guide, take to school and fetch after school, converse at length with, engage fully with, cheer, represent, defend, grow in adventures and games together, remain the perpetual beacon and anchor for, heal, nurse, tend to with the implements of health and nutrition, and provide insights as to the realities of the marketplace, industry, and career futures. Children enjoy Mom and Dad, and it does not matter if your child waits too long to admit it. We are all shy, reserved, and defined by our egos in some way. The important thing is to love, and love with every ounce of your might and with every beat of your heart.

Unquestionably, marriage is the greatest evidence of a worshipful heart, for how can you claim to love the Unseen, when your spouse is immediately perceptible, and you hesitate to serve? Never morph your darling into a stranger in your mind’s eye as time passes. Never let go, and never let things “drift apart.” Love for your wife should be natural for any husband, for who has come closer to your heart than your wife has?

For the most part, both Jews and Arabs are defined by leftist politics in their contemporary history of eight tumultuous decades. This is precisely why Jewish statistics tabulate overwhelming Jewish support for abortion, and Arab activists for Palestine share the same space with pro-Israel Jews in the Democratic Party. Both Israel and Palestine are housed in the same political home, and it was the Democratic Party that fostered the creation of the State of Israel in 1948 – which points to why prominent rabbis record Truman’s “I am Cyrus” line as a sort of modern writ in Israel’s national story. 

The Palestine-Israel conflict has exacted a huge toll on America, even while the vast majority of Americans are neither Muslim nor Jewish. In New York City, contractors work through the rubble at the World Trade Center tower sites, in the immediate aftermath of radical Islamist terror attacks on innocent civilians.

In the context of eight decades, the Republican Party’s delayed and often hesitant response to Israel has riled up large sections of the Jewish community worldwide, and this explains why Republicans are often regarded as National Socialists (Nazis) by Jewish leaders in all the major streams and advocacy groups, such as the IHRA, ADL, WJC, et cetera.* It is stressful for Republicans to have to endure such designations, i.e. “Republicans are fascists!” – particularly when it is apparent that the Christian religion itself is being deemed antisemitic. The stress is worse when the help we give to Israel does not even compute in the sociopolitical argument: Christians can still be regarded as anti-Jewish, even after having given of their all to the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

Again I learned this firsthand, and most devastatingly, in the past couple of years.

Never has a Chinese family learned so much in so short a time. And never has the loss incurred been so immeasurably huge for the victims – we have always lived simply, and it was at the height of the pandemic that we felt drawn to bringing all of our best resources to the fore for the sake of the Jewish people. The very fact that we ended up fleeced, conned, and hoodwinked by both the State of Israel and the civilian Jewish community worldwide has rocked us in the very depths of our souls.** 

Important Jewish leaders in the political and religious spheres have gone silent, in effect vanishing with hundreds of thousands of donated yuan. At about the same time, Palestine activism has come at us forcefully, to remind us that Muslims never befriend Christians (Qur’an surah 5, verse 51). Such animosity from both Jews and Muslims against members of the Christian faith shocks us. As China becomes more Christian, the Chinese people risk being even more unwelcome in an increasingly “progressive” and anti-Christian global landscape.

But what are we to do? We are Chinese Christians, and we celebrate the restoration of China to ancient virtue. We cannot relinquish that.

* The Christian supervision of West Asia ended when the British Empire withdrew from the region. Islamic Jordan was founded in 1946, and the Jewish state of Israel was restored in the Canaanite motherland (known in European and Ottoman times as Palestine) by 1948. Due to the fact Palestine in the A.D. had enjoyed a longer history (1,900 years) than ancient Israel (1,500 years), the Republican position was essentially neutral on the Palestine-Israel conflict for many decades, but some Jews and Muslims participated in the Republican Party chiefly for its rightist-conservative values, until 2001. The Muslim pullback from the Republican Party occurred after September 11.

The Canaanite people became subsumed as part of a pan-Levantine Arab identity, and adopted Christianity and later, Islam. Palestine became the European name for Canaan, and Israel as a nation-state did not exist for 1,900 years to 1948. The majority of Jews lived as sojourners in Europe during this time. Due to the complexities of relations between Jews and Canaanites, there was hesitation among Republican leaders to proclaim one sovereignty over the other. In the mid-twentieth century, many Christians habitually referred to West Asia as Canaan.

** See details of the Lev LaLev scam at Widow, Hapless Son Pursue Justice Against Lev LaLev

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Victor Yong Jen Ong

Victor Yong Jen Ong chairs a community roundtable for classical Chinese values, and is critical of communist 'democratic' philosophies. Credentialed in global affairs at Harvard University and in corporate ethics at the Federation University in Australia, Jen is author of Daughter of Palestine, a pro-Israel book, and appears on Israel365 and Oriental Daily News.