Dr. Steven Forrest Hotze Reprimands Sexually Violent Democrat Senator José Menéndez for Underage Transgender Mutilation and LGBTQ+ Takeover

Dr. Steven Forrest Hotze Reprimands Sexually Violent Democrat Senator José Menéndez for Underage Transgender Mutilation and LGBTQ+ Takeover

Dr. Steven Forrest Hotze has reprimanded Democrat Senator José Menéndez for the latter’s support of sex-change mutilation surgeries for underage minors. Menéndez’s claims of giving children “their true selves” through transgender surgery were met with by a worried Dr. Hotze, who has spent the past decade advocating for women’s and children’s wellbeing in the medical and health sciences.

At a Senate Committee on State Affairs meeting last week, Dr. Steven Hotze began with his characteristic humility, offering himself as merely the “CEO of Hotze Health & Wellness Center.”

He continued, in words that were later omitted by major news outlets such as the Daily Mail UK, “I am supporting Senate Bill 14 because it will protect children from the abuse by the transgender medical industry and its pedophile proponents, who sexualize children in order to groom them to participate in their wicked, perverted and immoral lifestyle. These child molesters should be punished. Senators, you have a responsibility before God to protect these children.”

Dr. Hotze cautioned the Senate Committee on the molestation of innocent children that was underway because of the lax attitudes of lawmakers toward underage mutilation surgeries. To seize a child’s sexuality, modify and destroy the child’s gender, and dealing harm and hurt to a child’s innocent body is a molestation of the children and the province and specialty of pedophile tendencies and sexual perverts. Unfortunately, the fiction of movies has gradually become a nightmarish reality for U.S. states today.

Senator José Menéndez Advising Surgeries for Children So That They Live “Their True Selves”

Dr. Steven Hotze was credentialed at the graduate medical school of the University of Texas (UTHealth Houston) and has specialized in emergency medicine as well as family health, occupational health and safety, and diet and nutrition. Dr. Hotze is widely known in Texas as an ethical advocate for responsible medical practice and advises the industry not to overburden patients with unnecessary pharmaceuticals. He has spoken against medicating for sheer profit and has given interviews demonstrating the need for patients to be discerning about what drugs they consume.

“God created two genders,” said Dr. Hotze, “This is just a biological fact.” The Senate Committee heard but barely flinched – except Democrat Senator for District 26, José Menéndez.

Based in the San Antonio Area two hundred miles west of Houston, Senator José Menéndez–D claims to represent the interests of his Texas district (26th, San Antonio) and has sat as Senator (upper house) since 2015 – and as Member of the Texas House (lower house) from 2001–2015. This is a self-confident and entrenched member of the Texas Legislature and a seasoned politician with a knack for politicking and verbal jousting.

Menéndez fired off an argument at Dr. Hotze, interrupting the Houston doctor. The doctor asked, mildly, “Do you know what the problem is?”

Menéndez quipped with gusto and an air of self-assuredness, “They (the transgender activists) are not perverts or pedophiles.”

Dr. Hotze was undeterred by Menéndez’s denial. The doctor offered, “If cutting off your penis ain’t a perversion, help me know what perversion means.”

“This is, they’re living their true selves,” Menéndez replied, with a smile on his face.

Daily Mail Defends Menéndez’s Sexual Violence

In an attempt to improve the electoral chances of the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties in Great Britain, and erode the position of the Conservative Tories, a mainstream British newspaper has even gone so far as to lie about Dr. Steven Hotze.

A Daily Mail report from the United Kingdom deliberately misreported the events in the Texas Senate in order to try and discredit Dr. Hotze as a bigot and ruffian.

The esteemed British daily writes, “After interrupting each other several times, (Democrat Senator Menéndez) said: ‘(Trans people) are not pedophiles, they’re living as their true selves.’” The Daily Mail says, “This led Hotze to sharply shout: ‘That’s bull****’ – at which point Republican State Senator and committee chair Bryan Hughes kicked him out of the session.” The British report is a blatant lie.

Dr. Hotze did not shout. He was weary and spoke the word in calm retort to the Democrat Senator’s claims. Dr. Hotze was not riled up, was not in a bad mood, and did not exclaim. He simply countered the Democrat’s claims with a colloquial observation that true selves are not found through mutilating perfectly healthy children. The concept of sex-change mutilation surgeries with true selves as a justification is, in Dr. Hotze’s view, nothing more than bovine fecal matter.

The Daily Mail report is a bold lie, considering it purposely created content where none existed. Democrat Senator Menéndez never said this, “(Trans people) are not pedophiles, they’re living as their true selves.”

Instead, Menéndez only said this, “They’re living their true selves.” Menéndez said this in response to boys being led to cutting off their own penises.

The violent intellect of Democrat Senator Menendez was not penalized by the Senate Committee members. When Dr. Hotze heard that Menendez approved of underage boys being financed to cut off their own penises through sex-change mutilation surgery, the Houston medical expert was shocked.

The Senate Committee felt intimidated by Menéndez’s rhetoric and decided to penalize Dr. Hotze instead. The doctor was asked to excuse himself, on account of “language” and nothing else. Dr. Hotze was not “kicked out” – even if the Daily Mail finds sensational value in fashioning a lie out of it for the sake of page views.

Menéndez’s Claims of Being A Champion Of Victims

Hotze was calm, collected, and voiced these perspectives without a confrontational attitude. Menéndez presented himself in a casually taunting manner and postured himself in a flippant and deliberately off-balanced fashion, as though he were in a diner asking a question about wallpaper.

San Antonio Senator José Menéndez lays claim to more than two hundred bills, including David’s Law, a piece of legislation that he says, “empowers students, parents, schools, and law enforcement to combat and prevent cyberbullying.” A bully that creates and enforces a law on bullying is hardly the solution for District 26, but Menéndez gets away with it and successfully bullies people he does not agree with in Senate meetings.

His barrage of attacks on Dr. Steven Hotze has not gone unnoticed, but the longtime politician fears no retribution, precisely because he and Team Menéndez have become skilled at Texas politics after twenty years of nestling themselves comfortably in the system.

Meanwhile, Dr. Hotze is undaunted and hopeful. “I believe in the intrinsic worth of each individual,” Dr. Hotze reminds viewers, in an April 2014 recording in Houston for the Hotze Health & Wellness Center. He has urged a Senate Finance meeting to refrain from approving state funding for underage sex-change mutilation surgeries, even when the D.C. establishment would rather that he stayed silent.

Jesus Christ Adores Children and Comes To A Defense Of Their Innocence

With such candor seldom seen in the nation’s politicians, Dr. Hotze approached the Senate Committee on State Affairs last week with a reminder of what his Lord Jesus Christ feels about children. An openly unabashed Christian, Dr. Hotze spoke from the gospels of Matthew and Luke, and pointed out the reprehensibility of activists who want to mislead children and mutilate their innocent bodies.

“It were better for him if a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were thrown into the sea, rather than that he should cause one of these little ones to stumble,” Jesus remarked, in Luke chapter seventeen, verse two. He spoke of how the purity of a child’s heart was to be the example for adults, and that believers should cultivate a childlike faith. Jesus closed with an unequivocal defense of the innocence of children, “Whoso shall cause one of these little children that believe on me to stumble, it is profitable for him that a great millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be sunk in the depth of the sea.” (Matthew 18:3-6, ASV)

The British Daily Mail has insinuated that Christians want to drown LGBTQ+ activists. Such lies are uncalled for and not founded on the facts. Rather, it was Christ who made the hyperbole to drowning, and the Son of Man was indicating how precious He regarded children and that no one should think it alright to trifle with the rights of children.

Many parents will be inclined to agree with the Son of Man. It would be better for Britons and expatriates to stop their subscriptions to the Daily Mail, than suffer the indignity of being told a sexually violent Democrat has the correct perspective on the health of boys, or that the severing of a boy’s reproductive organ is the pathway to the discovery of a “true self.”

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