Widow, Hapless Son Pursue Justice Against Lev LaLev 

The Lev LaLev Orphanage scam took nearly a quarter million ringgit, or about 360,000 Chinese yuan, from a family of Zionists in the Chinese diaspora in Malaysia. Such is the fate of some of the sweetest and most ardent fans of Israel. 

This is the plight of one Chinese family. It is fair to ask, just how many other Chinese families have been used, abused, and conned like that by fraudulent organizations operated by Jews in Israel. 

The Chinese people are very different from the Communist Government. While there is support for Arab Palestine among Communist officials, that support is waning, and the State of Israel has at least a dozen Consular Offices in the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of China. This is an amazing phenomenon. The Israel Embassy is also one of the most popular of websites in China, and two major Israeli universities have opened branch campuses in the mainland. There are only nine universities in Israel, and two have ventured all the way to China. 

Much of the civilian and governmental support for Israel finds itself in the fact that the non-Muslim majority in China do not prefer the Arab radicalism and Iranian extremism that typify what Islam has become in contemporary times. Islamic terror does not win hearts and minds. Chinese people have been murdered in mainland China by bomb blasts, blown to pieces at the Boston Marathon, and executed by envious Muslims in the Middle East and Africa. Chinese people died in the World Trade Center towers. Not surprisingly, American and Chinese diplomatic relations became their strongest during the years of the Bush administration (2001–2008) and the War on Terror. 

When Lev LaLev stole, it was by reaching out to a Chinese family affected by Islamic terror. Lev LaLev’s Chavi Weiss claimed to want to build and name a pet center for my darling papa Patrick Ong (who had passed on in 2016), and she portrayed the center as being for the therapeutic use of one hundred and twenty Jewish girls at the Lev LaLev Israel Girls Orphanage. Emotionally this was an effective game played by Weiss against good, innocent people, and she managed to take advantage of the death of my father as a way to swindle his surviving family of life savings. 

Papa died in 2016 after an eighteen-year battle with hepatic poisoning. A hepatitis C virus had been infused into him by a Muslim blood technician in 1998, and the hospital first tried to cover it up, and later dragged the case out so that it expired on a statute of limitations. 

New York City | Site of the al-Qaeda September 11 attacks on Americans and foreign nationals 

The Lev LaLev Phenomenon And How It Works 

Chavi Weiss and accomplices operate a Lev LaLev Israel Girls Orphanage, but it does not exist (which of course dooms the donors from Malaysia and Singapore who have given so generously to Lev LaLev). For thirteen years the Lev LaLev construct managed to evolve into a highly intricate pretend-orphanage, and it fakes a Kiryat Sanz presence in the city of Netanya on coastal Israel. 

But what about all those accessible images of an orphanage in Netanya? That’s the Donald Berman Bayit v’Tikvah House of Hope of course, not Lev LaLev Israel Girls Orphanage. Lev LaLev merely visits the House of Hope campus at 9, Bene Yissakhar Street, Kiryat Sanz, and films at will, snaps photos, and gives a pittance once in a while, or a bunch of hampers, as gifts to the House. 

It is despicable, the way Chavi Weiss and her accomplices use the teens and kids of the House of Hope. Jews who con Jews have an internal Jewish matter on their hands, and it is horrific to see how Weiss has deprived her own people. This is a case, not of a Nazi who starved Jewish children, or an Arab terrorist who bombed Jewish kids; rather it is a Jewish woman who decided to steal twice: first from a Chinese family, and then from her own people. The Jewish orphans do not have a 100,000-shekel pet center, and the Jewish brides and grooms do not have beautiful weddings, financial assistance for home life, and baby budgets, all because Lev LaLev exists. 

To decry Chavi Weiss and her actions as things worse than a Nazi or radical Arab is by no means hyperbole. 

Counting only the monies provided by the Ong family in southern Malaysia, Weiss stole over 55,000 U.S. dollars in allocations from June 2020 to August 2021, sent a Rosh HaShana Jewish New Year message in September, and vanished forever. 

In March 2022, the Rabbi Brian Thau of the House of Hope found out about the Lev LaLev scam, and exclaimed, “I have nothing to do with them.” He has since refused to communicate publicly about the Lev LaLev debacle, possibly for fear of implicating his orphanage in this egregious scam – by now one of the largest charity cons in the history of the reconstituted State of Israel. 

Netanya, Israel | These are scenes at the Donald Berman House of Hope. There is no Lev LaLev Israel Girls Orphanage. 

Chinese Community Support For Israel In Malaysia And Singapore – And How Israel Responds 

A traditional Taoist upbringing among the Chinese in Malaysia and Singapore often leads to a reverence for Western culture and adoption of Christianity as a messianic religion. There are eleven million Chinese in this region, and they serve as a sidenote to the twenty-three million Malay Muslims who have been raised on pro-Palestine propaganda. Like some sort of quiet defiance, the Israel sentiments that persist in the Chinese race flourish nonetheless. Christian adherence is at an all-time high, and the Chinese form the bulk of Christian community in Malaysia and Singapore. 

These are the Chinese whom the Lev LaLev organization scammed, swindled, and stole from. These are lower-middle income Chinese persons who in their inherited memory of WWII decided to help the people of Israel at the height of the coronavirus pandemic. These are Chinese people who have no adoration for radical Islam, no love for Iran (but Persia remains fascinating), and no allegiance to atheistic communism. 

Chavi Weiss and her accomplices are quite ostensibly citizens of Israel who commit crimes on Israeli soil against foreign nationals. These foreigners are fans and friends of the Jewish people. An utter betrayal on a manageable scale, undertaken by Jews against foreign Zionists: surely this is something the Government of Israel can put a stop to, and Weiss will tremble afraid? 

On April 6, 7, and 14, I traveled and made presentations to the Embassy of the State of Israel in Singapore, near Stevens Road. I wanted to lodge a report with Israel Police, and was offered that option on the sixth. I signed up for an entry visa too, just in case I needed to fly to Israel to make a report at a brick-and-mortar Police station. After the seventh, the Embassy wrote and asked me to come a third time. The fourteenth became a special day – the Consul appeared, and he assured me he needed twenty days to talk to Police and get results. That was April. 

It is claimed that Chinese people who come to the Embassy would be given entry visas after a wait of about seven days or less. I saw no evidence of that during my visits to the Embassy. Instead, a Chinese technician with a reputable corporation, a Chinese professional with rail lines under construction in Israel, and a Chinese girl with family in the Holy Land were each grilled in the harshest tone as though they were potential Arab terrorists. Jews who wanted to be repatriated to Israel got immediate access, though, and finished their paperwork by jumping the queue in Singapore. But I, a Chinese man with Malaysian citizenship who gave more than the average Jew does to charities in Israel was dropped from correspondence after April 14. I was not issued an entry visa, and the Israel Police has not reached out to me in any way. 

Why is this the fate of some of the most indisputably beautiful friends of Israel? Those innocent Chinese Asians who serve, build, work for, develop, and give to Israel persist somehow as questionable pariahs in the Jewish regard, while Caucasian Democrats with no love for the Almighty travel to Israel freely on United States passports, and it does not even matter that these are treasonous Americans who support Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Louis Farrakhan – Islamists who hate the Jewish people and want them dead. 

Netanya, Israel | With Rabbi Brian Thau helming the fundraising endeavor, this is the Donald Berman House of Hope that shelters Israeli girls of various ages. 

Cybercrime, International Fraud, And Government Inaction 

It should not matter what the personnel at Lev LaLev choose to say about themselves in their answers to the press and the national government of Israel. This government must refrain from being pushed around by criminal citizens. This is a 190,000-shekel problem that involves a group of Jewish citizens who used cyberspace as a means to reach across the oceans, and scam a Malaysian Chinese individual of everything he possessed. Lev LaLev impersonated an orphanage, misrepresented that orphanage, committed intellectual property theft by assuming the infrastructure and characteristics of that orphanage, and went to the fullest extent of cybercrime and international fraud, raking in more than 360,000 yuan in Asian currency. The Ong family had worked in manual labor and low-paying jobs across twenty years to accumulate these monies. 

The deeply inhumane aspects of the Lev LaLev scam are found in how they used my darling father’s death as a way to my heart. 

Mom is crushed. She is a widow shattered in her anguish, for Lev LaLev’s Weiss has managed to stomp on my father’s grave without even having to visit Malaysia. 

What did we do to deserve this? And why do dozens of Jews ignore my pleas? Was it because I was born Chinese? Does my genetics, or my father’s, make me subhuman, and so it is open season on the Chinese, and more than okay to fleece and rob folks like us? 

Netanya, Israel | These are House of Hope girls, not the Lev LaLev Israel Girls Orphanage. The theater-style auditorium is part of the House of Hope, 9 Bene Yissakhar Street, Kiryat Sanz, Netanya. There is no Lev LaLev Israel Girls Orphanage in Kiryat Sanz, elsewhere in Netanya, or anywhere in Israel. 

Hushing Things Up To Prevent An International Incident 

I have no entry visa, and no response from the Israeli Consul. With decisions centered on preventing the victims from ever meeting the perpetrators, the Government of Israel hopes to prevent the escalation of the matter into an international incident – specifically an international incident between Israel and Malaysia. 

Talk about putting an egg back together. The case had long become an international incident, when Lev LaLev proceeded with swindling a citizen of Malaysia in the summer of 2020. 

For all intents and purposes, it appears the Government of Israel does have the Royal Malaysian Police on its side. In an independent investigation, Inspector Gelbino Morris of Malaysia has chosen to trust the Lev LaLev claims (‘the Israeli side,’ as indicated by the Royal Malaysian Police inquiry), and the Malay Muslims have closed the case with the stated belief that the Lev LaLev Israel Girls Orphanage exists, and is located at the 9, Bene Yissakhar Street, Kiryat Sanz address. 

While it is surprising to see growing Israel-Malaysia cooperation in matters of security and international policing, I certainly wasn’t hoping for the Muslim authorities to sweep a scam victim under the carpet in the interest of pursuing bilateral relations with Israel. Official ties can be inked without sacrificing the demands of criminal law in both countries. Israeli authorities have to be more comprehensive. If a citizen harms a foreign national, the responsibility of government does not shield that citizen from consequences. Israel must clamp down on crime so that the basest elements of society do not succeed in hurting foreigners, even if these foreigners are Malaysian Chinese who look and sound different, and are not quite European. 

Republic of China, WWII | Axis Japanese soldiers dethrone the founding father of the Republic of China, Dr. Sun Yat-sen – a Zionist and Republican statesman with a reputation that mirrors Herzl and Lincoln. Meanwhile Axis Germans were rounding up Jews in Europe. The near-perfect synchrony was astonishing, and took Americans by surprise in 1941 (Pearl Harbor). 

The Jewish Press In Their Investigations 

Claiming to enjoy the fact that the Jewish community relied on Chinese cuisine, and that it was beautiful to see the togetherness that came with Jews savoring Chinese cooking around Christmastime, as a co-cultural habit with the Chinese in the larger immigrant cities, the Jewish Forward’s P J Grisar sought out a colleague in a different department, and caught Arno Rosenfeld’s attention in December of 2021 for the purposes of investigating the Lev LaLev scam. Reporters at the Jewish Forward magazine – a historic brand and household name among online Jewish periodicals – comprise some of the most notable of Jewish writers, and Rosenfeld was quick to assure me that Jewish scammers were few and far between. 

His communications with me traversed December and January, and stopped all of a sudden. His final assurances were: he was looking into things. He hasn’t been heard from since. Later, a freelance journalist by the name of Jordyn would claim that Rosenfeld was held up by investigations into the Russian-Ukrainian war. 

The war began without warning, for the President of Russia gave none, and the sneak attack took place in the closing days of February, about a month and a half after the Jewish Forward went quiet on the Lev LaLev scam. It was disingenuous to suggest that the Forward was in any way busy investigating a sudden war that hadn’t happen, for six weeks in the lead-up to the war itself. 

By March 24, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency had assigned the case to Jordyn Haime, a journalist based in the Republic of China and with previous sociocultural experience in the People’s Republic of China. Haime is known for her previous reporting that there is no real antisemitism in the Chinese race, and that she knows the Chinese as a people who deeply revere Judaic heritage, Israeli nationhood, and Jewish ethnic identity. Haime manages to include the fact that the Chinese people were persecuted by the Axis Powers just like the Jews were, and that these memories bind the Chinese to the Jews in a Chinese devotion that motivates these Asians to embrace any Jew with great excitement. 

The JTA is the most authoritative source of international English news on happenings in the Jewish homeland and diaspora, and has been described by Philadelphia’s Jewish Exponent editor Andy Gotlieb as the Jewish equivalent of the Associated Press in its importance, scope, and readership. 

Despite the positive vibes affirmed by Haime concerning the Chinese, she and the JTA liaison Andrew Lapin have gone completely silent for upwards of twenty-nine days after a protracted silence of a previous fourteen days. The investigations appear to have stopped, in like manner as the investigations by the Forward. Intermittent messages from the journalist essentially taunted, scorned, and reprimanded me, and my pleas to Haime and the JTA, while few and unintrusive, have largely failed in eliciting responses, updates, and situation reports. 

Southeast Asia | My darling papa. I miss him deeply. 

Justice Is Never Antisemitic 

If a Jew commits a heinous crime, is it antisemitic to stop this criminal and take punitive action? Perhaps Lev LaLev has more than a few people convinced that there is some diabolical antisemitic force that wants to shut down Lev LaLev. But a contemporaneous case in Simon Leviev destroys the Lev LaLev position entirely. 

This year the Simon Leviev scam broke into the public sphere when Netflix took the brave step of hosting a United Arab Emirates documentary on the Simon Leviev scam [a.]. A confidence trickster, Simon conned several non-Jewish Caucasian girls in mainland Europe by lovebombing them, and these girls were clearly pro-Jewish, for they separately fell in love with Simon, slept with him, and gave him huge amounts of money. They were under the impression they had found eternal love, they were his one and only, and Simon was going to marry them. 

The Tinder Swindler (2022) has not come under fire for being any sort of antisemitic film. Simon Leviev is clearly a deplorable person with few redeeming qualities, if any. I count on Lev LaLev and its Director of Development Chavi Weiss to make the same types of excuses Simon Leviev has been making, and I await justice with every breath I take, like a prayerful countdown. What Lev LaLev fears is jailtime, so it is up to the Government of Israel to choose what’s next: abet the crime and help in covering it up, or stand on the side of justice, and demand that Weiss and her accomplices surrender the monies. Subsequently, these criminals ought to be fined and jailed. 

It is not antisemitism for Jews and non-Jews to stand courageously against the tide of crime; such vigilance helps Israel prosper in fact in the homeland and diaspora, when Jews and non-Jews root out the Jewish criminals whose actions have only served to sabotage the praiseworthiness of Zionism, and the long-term viability of the Jewish sovereignty revivalist project in Eretz Israel. 

In 2013 the State of New York boldly identified a series of Jewish charities that were not in fact charities [b.][c.]. How can it be antisemitism for Caucasian Americans to point out the dastardly behavior of criminals who have conned Jews and non-Jews? It is in fact a compounded shonda (‘ethnic shame’) to cover up the shonda of Jews who scam, misrepresent, or undertake deceit. These instances of fraud are committed by Jews, and they hurt both Jews and non-Jews. Such cases are no longer an internal Jewish matter. 

When Reform Jews were brought to account for the shonda of sexual assault and battery in their denomination, it came as a thunderclap, but a late one indeed. Reform Judaism is widely known as a purveyor of abortion advocacy that logically only serves to disenfranchise both Jewish and non-Jewish womb life. The fact they would feature instances of having misogynistically abused defenseless women is no surprise at all, but the additional shonda of having hushed up the events, the recounts, and the plight of the victims, over a protracted and unwarranted period of time is shocking and bloodcurdling, for the lies and concealments have in effect dehumanized the human female, and rendered women invisible and unimportant. 

Indeed nothing is ever an ‘internal Jewish matter.’ If anything, ask the Jewish and Germanic Jewish victims in the sexual abuse cases that took place in Reform Judaism. The antecedent cover-ups were not helpful at all, and were absolutely sinful. Concealment of crime is crime, too. The sweeping of things under a carpet, so that the outside world cannot see: this usually means the Jewish world does not get to see anything as well. Such was the case in Reform Judaism: the Jews who perpetrated and the Jews who undertook cover-ups, kept the Jews who suffered abuse in an unending loop of ‘internal Jewish investigation’ that of course availed nothing for the victims. It was only when the news broke out of that loop, and reached the world at large, that the victims could finally gain the attention, coverage, and justice they had always deserved but were hitherto denied. 

[a.] “The Tinder Swindler is told through the eyes of three brave women – Cecilie Fjellhoy, Pernilla Sjoholm and, speaking for the first time, Ayleen Charlotte. They all dated a man they knew as ‘Simon Leviev’ – but a bizarre course of events led them to realize he was not who they thought.” [Mitchell, M., 2022, February 2, senior reporter, Where Is Simon Leviev Today? Netflix Filmmakers Share Update]


[b.] The New York state office that exposed nineteen fraudulent pro-Israel charities was even headed at that time by a Jewish Democrat, dispelling any notion that the clampdown was anti-Jewish. The original Times of Israel report on these Jewish crimes, first published in 2013 and accessible as recently as December 2021, is now an invalid hyperlink, and both the Times of Israel and the Jewish Telegraphic Agency have made the report unavailable. This included references to the exciting vacations undertaken by scammers on donor money. An independent resource description site summary at RSS had been early in cataloging the webpage, but it unfortunately captures only the first portion of the report, which points to “nineteen organizations tied to four individuals (that) were fraudulent set-ups intended to aggressively hoodwink Israel supporters into donations that were mostly used for their own benefit” and even this RSS archival data could disappear over time. 


[RDF Site Summary (RSS), Resource Description Framework]


[c.] The Jewish Insider’s eJP website possesses an article with a simplified resemblance to the Times of Israel report, and it suffices for the time being but could be taken down at any moment as well. This eJP article describes “the Brooklyn house purchased in 2009 by Weingarten’s wife, Rivka, which was remodeled with additional tens of thousands of dollars meant for charity.” “Charitable funds were used to pay for dentist visits, utility bills, for personal vehicles, video rentals and a trip to the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City in July 2011.” 


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Victor Yong Jen Ong

Victor Yong Jen Ong chairs a community roundtable for classical Chinese values, and is critical of communist 'democratic' philosophies. Credentialed in global affairs at Harvard University and in corporate ethics at the Federation University in Australia, Jen is author of Daughter of Palestine, a pro-Israel book, and appears on Israel365 and Oriental Daily News.